Hello my cherishing beauties! It’s good to be back sharing about my seasonal make-up favorites. My recent journal on HOW TO: GLAM IN RED LIPS (if you haven’t read it, please go and do so)  had been a great success for me, especially when I received heart warming emails from you girls. I just want to take this opportunity and say A BIG BIG THANK YOU! The most important thing in my life is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in everything they want to do. 

Yesterday, I posted a picture of myself on instagram and this has raised questions on the products that I used, so I decided to journal about it.

Starting on from my face


Personally, I’m not a foundation person & I’m gonna be brutal honest about it. In exchange, I use the MAYBELLINE DREAM SATIN TWO-WAY CAKE SPF 32 PA++ in Caramel, face powder.

Maybelline says:

• it’s non-cakey, ultra breathable satin skin perfection that lasts all day!

• 5X thinner and lighter powder.

Now let’s start with the packing, this product comes in with a pearly finish compact with mirror on one side and a foundation applicator. I personally don’t like using foundation applicator so this is a great product to use – Especially while I travel. This product has SPF 32+ PA that helps to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and also keeps you oil free throughout day. TIPS – If you want more coverage you can apply with wet applicator. It will be best for oily skin, especially during summers as it wont clog your pores like other foundation and compact.

All the shades are based on Indian skin tone except they don’t have shade for very dark skin. It has a beautiful texture when applied on face!


Now, to my eye lids & lips I used the Urban Decay palette & lipstick.

This palette is so beautiful on the packaging! It’s as if I’m carrying an ancient shield! It’s an all-matte eyeshadow collection. According to the press release Bustle received via email, the UD NAKED Ultimate Basics palette includes neutral mattes that were created to work with any and all skin tones. From light and cool tones to olive or darker complexions, this palette is meant to compliment.

• I applied a gentle amount of the color Faith (it’s a medium brown matte) onto my eye lids, followed by the color Lockout. It’s a beautiful rich neutral brown matte color on the outer corner of my eyes.

I wanted to keep my eyes as neutral as possible so my lip shade would over power my features because I went in with:


Urban Decay Shame Vice Lipstick. This lipstick is super-creamy and pigmented. This makes a “one time application” more than enough!

MASCARA My seasonal liking
on mascara has turned to IT cosmetic mascara.  If you’re aware about this product, it’s a super dramatic lash applicator. If your finding for a false lashes like mascara, this is your perfect choice! It comes with a blackest black nylon fibers infused into IT Cosmetics’ – volumizing, lash-loving, so you can achieve long, thick, dramatic lashes in a quick one coat application.


This is the final result from the products that I have used. As you can see it’s a minimal amount of powder application (MAYBELLINE DREAM SATIN TWO-WAY CAKE SPF 32 PA++) that leaves my skin looking smooth and even. This is a simple go-to make up, the UD Vice Lipstick does the wonder on your face.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this journal. What would you like to read next? Leave your comments below.

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