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Found this gem while shopping at Guardian store and here is a review to all of you! This kit is packaged in a sleek black oblong box with beautiful gold font on the top. Inside the packaging there is a large square mirror which is big enough to see your whole face as well as to focus on the brows.

There are four powder shades, one shimmer brow shadow, one wax cream, a small pair of an applicator with a spoolie and a dark brown eyebrow pencil. And this product is below MYR 30!! I know right, that is pretty darn reasonable and of course I had to add it to my basket.201712191662546824.jpgThe powders are decently pigmented, infact so much so that it is easy to get a super dark brow with little effort, so those of you wondering if this wouldn’t be dark enough? I promise you it is!

There are the four colours look quite different when swatched a beige, an ashy brown, a light brown, a warm darker brown and a dark brown when applied on the brows they don’t look as different!

As I’ve been using my L’Oreal eyebrow pencil in dark brown for the majority of the year, I’m used to a darker shade brow and so adjusting to the darkness of this powder was easy but lets just say it takes a good couple more minutes to do brows naturally with the shades. The gel wax is awesome, I take the little brush in the kit and brush a little on which keeps the brows in place for a lot longer than just using powder.IMG_3437.JPGSince naturally I have a quite thick brow, achieving a fuller and thicker eyebrow with this kit is very easy. So for those of you who doesn’t have much hair in your eyebrow, I suggest you to outline your eyebrow with a brow pencil first.


Compared to The Body Shop Eyebrow Kit, which is more pricey, this drug store eyebrow kit gives a similar result so I guess we don’t need to spend another penny to achieve practically a same thing. So if you don’t have any eyebrow kit and want to create the awesome eyebrow too, you can go with this. First it’s quite affordable and secondly the colours are pigmented as a high end product!  Highly recommended. This product can be found in any Guardian in Malaysia nationwide. Grab em’ while stock lasts.


I am wearing them on my brows, natural looking isn’t it? My video on this brow kit can be found here.

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