One of the many issues we face in today’s society is keeping up with life’s fast pace. Growing up I had to deal with a lot of emotional imbalance within – raise by a single mother and grew up with the absence of a father’s bond. Before I knew it, I was already working and carrying a lot of responsibility in a young age. Even though hands down, I have a loving mother who made everything so beautiful at home despite her struggle however I grew up too quickly. THERE were days where I would be in a constant stateMore

The biggest tragedy of mankind happens- when you simply don’t live up to your dreams. Why? Fear, for the unknown & for who they are or ought to be. Because they fear of challenges. You probably would have heard people saying, ‘go for your dreams…. follow your passion no matter where it leads’. And then, at one point of time in your life you gather up the courage with a 100% hope and decided to jump right at it! -You quit your job, become what you intend to be and lastly change your way of living. But is it worthMore