Undeniably there are many fragrances and products that’s available in stores these days which makes it almost impossible to choose the best fragrances.

Personally, I’m reasonably a detailed person and tend to choose wisely when it comes to products, foods, skincare and even books which bring me so much happiness that influences my mood. My current ‘Flora by Gucci’ does the magic and I want to share this with you!

I have been reaching for the ‘Flora by Gucci’ for many years now and it’s still my favorite obsession delight. It’s a beautiful blend of peony and rose – almost sparkling floral, very pale and clean. It leaves me smelling great and feeling fabulous throughout the day!


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Founder of SpeakUP movement. She is a humanitarian, future-enthusiast, occasional blogger & self-love writer that is learning to perfect the art of making a cup of cappuccino.

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