The Power of Roses in Skincare

My skincare routine always includes with and in roses. I love anything and everything that has a rose scent in my skincare routine. In the earlier century, roses are commonly  related with symbolic notions of beauty and love and this we know through the stories of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians times, they used rose petals to perfume their baths. They highly valued roses and decorated the floors of their banquet halls with rose petals. Have you ever wondered why rose lotion, rose water and even rose oil can be found in every Indian household? The answer is simple. Rose is undoubtedly a trademark of beauty’s magic potion and this iconic flower does beauty wonders on the skin!

Daycare: The Body Shop – Moroccan Rose. I love the aroma of rose when I use this product, it keeps me feeling smooth -the natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin. I’ve learnt that the usage of rose is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin because the petals creates a soothing feeling. I would highly recommend the Body Shop – Moroccan Rose to anyone who is search for a product change!

Night-care: Nivea in rose glowing. Before I head to bed, I always ensure that my skin gets the desired amount of pamper just as I care during the day. It’s important to apply night cream as it supplies moisture to the dry parts of your face, hands, body and legs. Therefore, your skin is kept hydrated. The best choice is the skin delight – Nivea in rose glowing (oil in body milk).

Rose water does wonders on my skin (Sounds new?) I love to shower with rose water 4 times a month. It’s a powerful mood enhancer and helps me to get rid of negative feelings or energies. It promotes emotional well-being, thereby making me feel more relaxed. Also, sometimes I add almond oil into the water for some extra indulgence as a best antidote to stress.

So girls, these skin products is the real deal! It’s pure and organic – Truly a great addition to your skincare. This also works with all skin types. Personally, I would really recommend this method if your skin is sensitive (cause I have them too), as none of the ingredients will irritate your skin. Stay tuned for more, thanks for reading!


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