We all have bad days. Especially that one day when everything just goes wrong. When your plans don’t go according to the way you imagined it to be, you got drenched under the rain, and your car won’t start? Those kinds of day are the worst. When you face those days, it’s tough to gather your thoughts straights or rather envision a moment when all good things goes in the direction you want them to be. And it’s even harder to stay focused in the present moment because the present is where the trouble takes place. 

Easier said than done, staying positive in a negative situation is the toughest aspect of living a positive present moment. No matter how much you realize that being positive will benefit you, but when times are tough – I truly mean tough-tough times, it can be really hard not to slip into a negative mindset. When it comes to overcoming my bad days, I’ve tried different sort of methods to ease myself – from indulging into my favorite ice-cream to singing out on top of my lungs while I drive my car – letting myself immerse into my frustration so I can distract my mental challenges.

I’ve tried many mental remedies to cure my bad day and found that these 9 methods had helped me whenever I’m faced with a real mashed up day, let’s get right at it now…… 

  • #1 – Try taking a relaxing hot shower. Apparently, there is nothing like taking a hot bath during your tough days. It not only relaxes your muscles but also enhances your mood which leaves you feeling alive. If bathing isn’t your thing, (or you don’t have time for it) brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sip it mindfully. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction that benefits from drinking a warm drink, because it offers you a chance to take your mind off from whatever that’s playing in it.
  • #2 – Put on your shoes and go out for a jog. Or sign up for a dance class. Do anything that will get your heart rate up and blood pumping. Jump up and down a few times, who cares?  
  • #3 – Music is very essential in our lives these days, therefore listen to musics that uplifts you. Believe me, putting together a positive playlist will make a huge difference in your mood. It may not solve all of your troubles, but it certainly would kick start your day to begin with. If you like to know about my playlist and what music I listen to cheer myself up, leave a comment below and I will make a new blog post on it.
  • #4 – Pray. Spend some time into prayers & meditation. The only solution to your bad day is when you have a heart warming conversation with your  Creator. In times like this, it’s best that you seek the Lord for inner strength because when you bow down to your Creator , you can face your ‘giants’ that are storming in your life!
  • #5 – Get dressed put on some make-up. It’s proven scientifically that when you look good, you feel good about yourself. I think it’s a good idea to find a way to distract yourself from your frustration or anger and focus on something more positive. So, put and that heels and rock on girls!
  • #6 – Take a break from the social media. At times we all need to stay present in the reality part of our lives, rather than being virtually connected on the internet. Organize something small and dedicate yourself to finishing it. Try out some cooking lessons or craft work – do something that you’ve not done for a long time. You will find a sense of comfort and accomplishment. Trust me. 
  • #7 – Try reflecting on the happy moments. You need to first believe that every season has a beginning & an ending. Your tough times will not last forever, at times difficult situations are our lessons to abide on. The more you ponder on positive reflections, the more you’ll start to notice positive changes taking place in your life.
  • #8 – Speak to someone you love. Sharing your deepest thoughts to the one you love will ease your burden from the inside. As for me, I would always call my mother. She has the power to make me smile even when my world turns upside down. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and make that call today. 
  • #9 – Laugh, laugh……. laugh. Try to live it in the moment. Laughter is the best medicine!

Always remember: Everybody can be happy and positive when life goes smooth and well. It’s during the tough times that proves, who is really able to control themselves and stay calm and positive. I know you can do it.

So, now its your turn to tell me what works best for you to cure your bad days.  Leave a comment below and share this post with a friend in need.

Truly yours, Cherisha


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12 thoughts on “9 CURES FOR A BAD DAY

  1. Wonderful post and to answer your question, I would say I would go for a jog to ease myself off of the frustration as you have mentioned in the post.


  2. I have found that your thoughts are very practical in your writings and that reflect your daily attitude towards the world. As I take the pleasure of reading your topics, would you mind writing about whether quantity time or quality time with our family and loved ones is important or the latter? Thank you 🙂


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