Maybelline Lash sensational mascara is probably the most faithful mascara I have worn for years now. I still recall the first time I saw them in the store counter, I was pretty much excited! Honestly the color attracted my eyes! Trust me girls, this mascara is totally worth the hype.

• Firstly MLSM comes  in one shade –blackest black.

• And in 2 versions : Waterproof and Non-waterproof.

I am going to talk about the Waterproof version. I like long lasting mascara because it makes my eyes looks fresh all day long without even having the need to wear eye-liner. Some girls have difficult time wearing a waterproof mascara because it’s difficult to remove it, sometimes I too end up smearing my eyes while removing but mostly it’s under control.

MY REVIEW: This mascara comes in metallic dusty pink like tube. It’s has a ‘curvy’ brush that bends like a D shape. So the brush is curved on one side while flat on the other.

I think this mascara makes a stand out from the rest of the maybelline mascara family. It definitely gives my lashes a thicker effect. The curved side of brush picks up every single lash without clumping it & also lifts the lashes to curve along your lash line.LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA-Black-G2841200-O.jpg

• In terms of volume & length : I wouldn’t say it helped me much on volume or length but it sure has done a decent job on my lashes. I like applying it for everyday use as it’s friendly & stays all day. It holds my lashes as long as I have mascara on them.

HOW TO USE: The formula is simple -it dries of within a few seconds after applying it. You can always layer your lashes with multiple coats of mascara. I usually put 2 layers of coats that I desire on my lashes.

This mascara is super easy for the bottom lashes too! You’ll need to angle the brush correctly onto your lashes – this is why it’s designed in a D shape! It gives length to my lower lashes when applied properly. The D shaped brush with long bristles covers my lashes from roots to the tip of my lash. The formula is black pigmented and doesn’t make my lashes look smeared after application.

PRICE: Good news girls: It’s quite affordable and you can get it in any drugstore!

This mascara can be used for everyday purpose and comes off easily with a makeup remove or olive oil.

RECOMMENDATION: It’s a must buy! This product should be in every girl’s make up pouch and certainly has become my all-time favorite and addiction! It’s worth the value and beauty for a mascara – Give it a try and let me know how you liked it.

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