Overcoming Laziness

A simple way to define LAZINESS is when we simply sit idle by doing nothing and RESISTING all the effort in life; unwilling to work or use your energy.

It’s quite easy to fall into laziness, especially after a long day at office/school, or on a cold weather… Now with the invasion of technology that has gone too sophisticated, we are easily falling into more unproductive lifestyle: to browse through our phone thinking ‘just for a while‘. And from ‘for a while‘ it turns to countless of hours just laying there with the phone on our hands. The end result, we just lazed ourselves away…wasting all the precious hours that was right in front of us simply by doing NOTHING.

First we have to understand that there is nothing wrong to just sit down and have a quiet time with ourselves, I am a person who believes in an individual space. However, if this state occurs too often, than something has to be done.

There is NO such things called Laziness unless you create it. Seems new? But that’s the truth. If you find yourself experiencing something like this but unsure? Take a look at the few possibilities that is associated with Laziness.

  1. You’re AFRAID

Life can be full of roller coaster ride. Everyday comes with new challenges and situations and there will be a time where you would want to get back to your cave and stay comfortable. Your internal dialogue (the way we speak to ourselves) has such a big impact on how we feel and what we do. E.g., every time I have a negative thought, such as “today is going to be a long, bad day at work,” I immediately challenge that thought by telling myself something like this: “I have so much to be grateful for and today is going to be a fun productive day!” Beating yourself won’t get you inspired and motivated. Give yourself some love.

2. You’re TIRED

Laziness can be due to tiredness and lack of energy. If this is true in your case, you need to give yourself the rest and sleep you need, and also give your body enough exercise and fresh air. You push and you pull and you try to keep up with the expectations of others until your body and your mind gets weary and exhausted. Your soul say enough and your body crashes hard. Give yourself a break without judging your need for/to rest. It’s okay to slow down in this fast-paced, speed-obsessed world. Rest. i-am-in-charge


You don’t feel inspired – that’s okay. Well, let me tell you…it’s completely alright. You may not even know what it is you’re trying to get past. You try something new only to spin your wheels. You’re living your life on repeat, with the same worn out patterns and themes playing again and again. I know “stuck” well. Perhaps everything that you do isn’t fun just how it use to be. Sit down with pen and paper and make a list of everything that you love. Include all the things, people and concepts you are attracted to, passionate about and interested in. Don’t limit yourself.

4. You’re HURTING

Perhaps there is some kind of bitterness or hurt from the past that is buried deep down inside and you’re holding in back, withdrawn or shy or even not feeling good enough… how could you function your life if it was full force? But it’s still there, an aching sensation that is bringing you down, draining you of your spark, your desire, your passion for Life. Slowly the hurt only end up stopping you from progressing and make you believe that everything that you do will be MEANINGLESS and get you being laid back and eventually… lazy.


The core of all lazy habits is when we are not motivated.Why are you not motivated? A lack of motivation to get things done and/or achieve something. Such a lack of motivation can have several reasons, such as not having proper goals and aims, having no purpose in life or when not able to get motivated effectively. You can strengthen your motivation through affirmations, visualization and thinking about the importance of performing your task or chore or achieving your goal.

I am sure that if you apply them too, you will experience a big boost of energy and motivation in your daily life and probably say goodbye to LAZINESS….!

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction. – Anne Frank

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8 thoughts on “Overcoming Laziness

  1. I’ve been sitting here reading your publishing. You are a well rounded individual. Your words form very distinctively which brings sense of value to which your writing. I’m intrigued in your method. Thank you too! For allowing me this time reading your minds innovations to subdue a community and world of peace. And one more thing before I go, thank you for showing up in my life to be Blessed with such a vision. I’m honored and humbled.. Best regards,

    1. Hi William,
      thank you so much for your comment and taking the time to write such a detailed one. I am happy that you like my articles and I’m also thankful to have given you an uplift for the day. I have checked your blog and I can only return the compliment. Your poems are very nice and I wish you much more inspiration to compose many more beautiful ones.

      Stay cheerful and inspiring.

  2. Nice one sharma. I too used to be too lazy but as you said, setting a goal through visualisation is the key in acheiving your goals which has helped me overcome it as the process has motivated me to push myself a little further in the pursuit of my goals. I only have a problem of waking up early in the morning during the winters, do you have any suggestions?

    1. Haha, seems like you’re already giving me another article in waiting.. To me the key of waking up at any point of season is when you have self-discipline. That helps to co-ordinate more of your time and your sleeping habits as well.

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