Why Adoption Is a Good Choice


Probably it’s the most common thing you will ever hear when you opt for adoption. Some may say it’s a noble act of kindness while some see it as something frightening and worrisome, and still others view it as a gift and a total blessing.

What Is Adoption? 

  • Adoption is a process in which a family, individual, or other choose to accept, love and treat another child from somewhere else like a member of their family, making them legally a part of the family unit.
  • Adoption is a way of providing new families for children who cannot be brought up by their biological parents. It is a legal procedure in which all parental responsibility is transferred to the adopters.
  • Adoption gives a child in care the opportunity to permanently become part of a new family.

Is Adoption The Real Deal?

Yes, indeed it is. To me adoption is the greatest gift that you can ever offer to a child.  WHY?

  • Children need a family with whom they can bond.
  • Children need daily guidance and love that take time, commitment, and maturity.
  • Children need a home, nurture and educational values.

Why We Should Actually Adopt….

#1 Giving The Child A Family

  • The whole idea of adoption is to provide a child with a loving home and family; which includes every single aspect that makes a home a LOVING PLACE to be and a family has acceptance in their heart. Which includes, exchange of family traditions, the sharing of faith and of memory making moments. It also means accepting the child for who they are – even their faults. Understanding that the child has a history and heritage that also needs to be respected and embraced.

#2 Help In Nurturing Your Adopted Child

  • What does it mean? The desire to help your adoptive child? You may ask in which way.. Certainly to help a child to move on in life. As an adoptive parent, you’ll have to take interest in helping your child to heal from past grief and hurt/pain, whether this comes from a lack of love from their birth parents, abuse, neglect, being abandoned or even orphaned. Your role as a parent is to help the child to start a new chapter of life. Be prepared for challenges.

#3 To Provide

  • This means to also have the time and the emotional space in their heart for a new family member. The adoptive family is also
    financially secure enough to adopt comfortably.

Truly the happiness of adopting a child can be related to the healthy growth development of their inner most identity. From most success stories that I have seen while carrying my responsibilities as a social worker at orphanages homes, children that were adopted and growing up adopted- Feel secure in their relationship with their adoptive family and can also come to terms with their adoption are able to lead happy, healthy and well-adjusted lives.

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  1. Inspiring article, but how about a person who is unmarried and still wants to adopt children for the the betterment of their well-being?

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