Let’s talk perfume today!
The search has begun! The latest addition to my collection is an old favorite, welcome home Chanel Chance you’ve been missed.
A decidedly young scent for those who dare to dream. That’s how Chanel describes its Chance fragrance. The original Chanel Chance was launched in 2003. In 2007 Chance Eau Fraiche followed and in 2010 Chance Eau Tendre was released. These fragrances aren’t new, but the Chance promo videos seem to keep them alive throughout the years. Curious to find which one is my favorite? Keep reading!


PERFUME: Chance Eau Fraîche
This is one AMAZING perfume around, hands down! Chance Eau Fraîche is a light, bright, charismatic flavor. The bottle is round, its shape is the same as the original Chance. The aroma liquid is clean, shiny with green hues. The green color suggests for the natural, and genuine character of the perfume. The smell brings us back to nature, its beauty and generosity.
My Thoughts:
Length of trail: This smell last for almost 10 hours! It leaves a trail wherever you go.

Aroma: Chypre Floral. For this eau fraiche, Chanel added extra ingredients to the original formula: cedar wood, pink pepper, teak wood and amber. This results in a more refreshing version of the original Chance.

This scent is definitely the most refreshing fragrance of all three: Chanel Chance Eau de toilette & Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Proper recommended places to apply:  Spray sparingly on the neck, wrists and behind the knees. Read my article on my 4 Tricks for perfume longevity.

Shelf life of unopened bottle: 3 years

Indicative price: $37 – $110 USD

This perfume is the sort of fragrance that could entrance a young woman looking for something “sexy” before she has the confidence to understand that sexy isn’t something you put on. It’s also the sort of fragrance you can find in a dozen knock-off versions at the drugstore, although they won’t have Chanel’s elegant packaging and cachet.

Welcome Chanel Chance, you are HOME.

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