REVIEW: L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair

Hello my ladies!  It has been quite a while since I journal on my beauty column. So today I bring you yet another hair saga story that I am excited to share with each one of you. I have been highlighting the ends of my hair for years and I sometimes wish it looked healthier. Due to this, my hair had become too dry and rough each time after I take a head shower. L’Occitane created a new product to solve this problem. They created the Aromachologie repairing oil that creates shine, helps to nourish, protect dry and damaged hair. It sounds promising and just what my hair needs. In today’s blogpost I am sharing my thoughts about it.

I have been using this hair serum for months now. It is the only hair serum I use for my hair and it sort of works for me. It is a very lightweight semi thick clear coloured serum. The consistency is like a light lotion. I use this serum right after washing, drying my hair or to manage the frizz or on days when my hair are feeling super dry. I use two pumps of it and apply it from halfway below the roots to tip.

Aromachologie Repairing Oil

L’Occitane new formula captures all the effectiveness of sweet almond oil, rich in vitamins and omega 9, as well as five essential oils with regenerating properties. Just a few drops of this oil applied to the tips of hair before styling or blow-drying will help repair, protect and beautify.

You can buy it at a L’Occitane store or online at, selling it for MYR 126.00.-.

First thing I noticed about this product is the good ingredient list that it has, it contains a lot of great  oils that our hair needs. It’s a good product to nourish my hair with and making it look less dry. I don’t mind the scent which just smells like almond oil to me. It doesn’t make my hair look greasy and it doesn’t make it heavier. The oil absorbs quickly and it’s easy to spread. It has moisturize my hair and makes it feel soft after application.

If you are looking for a hair oil with nourishing ingredients, you might give this one a try.


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