4 Steps Overcoming Hopelessness

What would you have done when you’ve lost all hopes? Have you felt at some point that life looks gloomy and without a purpose? That every important event in life appears to be negative & dull? Do you find yourself drifted away in thoughts without a purpose?

You may find yourself sinking into negative thoughts that repeat in your mind probably a thousand times or more, but here’s the good news – you need to understand and realize one truth that a new phase of your life is about to begin! You were passing through a transition phase when you left the old but still could not hold the new perspective of life.

There’s a huge difference!

  • All transition and turning points are a bit painful. This moment has come in your life for good and so, remind yourself that you are passing through.
  • Always believe that nothing in life happens just like that, no one plays the dice. The most difficult time of life is to be fought with a much real, simple and believing manner – That my friend is a real challenge!
  • There is nothing wrong in making a sincere and honest try – Try to listen to your inner heart and contemplate the thoughts. Feel them with your mind and heart and wait.
  • Waiting always bears good fruit so continue to persevere for some more time and soon you will find that the tough stage has gone and a new phase is unlocked!

You may ask, how can I do that when I feel hopeless?

It is possible. Having faith when you feel hopeless is difficult, but not impossible. It takes a certain amount of courage and a bit of belief in something greater. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and happiness are all that matters at the end which makes one rich and to enjoy life. The parameters for a happy and successful life are not solely guided by material prosperity but by the way we think and perceive life.

On the contrary, having faith isn’t knowledge. It’s trusting that things will work out in the end. Put your trust in others, in God or yourself and you’ll be able to have faith that things will be better. No matter what problems you think you have right now, they could be worse. If you are struggling to pay your next bill, at least you are living in a home while doing it or have a family who is willing to support you. If you’ve just divorced your wife, it’s not like all other women on the planet have disappeared, you can still get out there and find another girl for you. Life is abundant, don’t take your current situation as the worst it could be because more often than not, things could be a whole level worse than you can imagine.

Tough times do come to all of us at some or other stage of life. Now it’s your time to fight back. I have learned from my past and still learn it every day. Just turn back and glimpse through your life and see how those turning points is your stepping stone, you will understand that the tough times were destined for you! To become stronger! It is to make you learn something new and to make you realize THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE. A designed plan to prepare and take you further and higher in your life.

Hard times make you stronger’ or variations of that phrase are probably something you’ve heard 100 times before, that’s because it’s true. Think of any hard time in your life whether it’s:

  • Losing your job
  • Going through a divorce
  • Getting beaten up / mugged / burgled
  • Being financially unstable

If you’ve been through any of these and came out on the other side then you will know that they’ve probably made you stronger as a person and helped you with other aspects of your life. Be thankful for the challenges you have right now because on the other end is a new you with a lot more strength than the old one.


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