Together We Stop Bullying

Bullying is happening everywhere. It is a nationwide issue that has to be stopped. Acts of bullying are still increasing in the Asian world and it is taking its place through different countries with Malaysia being one of them. The statistic shows that a high percentage of kids being bullied at schools that reached 64%, now this is an alarming issue.

How do you identify if you are a victim of Bullying?

  • Any act that causes any personal harm or leaves the person feeling powerless with no ability to defend himself, that’s a bully.
  • Actions that cause emotional pain – from spreading rumors to intentional exclusion, to physical abuse. 

Bullying is both a symptom and a cause of a socially unsupportive environment. Bullying has a negative impact on everyone including the bully itself, the target, the people who witness it and anyone else who is connected to it.

Adults may have a tendency to ignore bullying and brush it off as a normal part of life that all kids go through during their growth. But we fail to realize that bullying is a real problem with serious consequences.

The victim of Bullying appears to have effects from bullying acts:

  • Loss of interest to go and attend school classes, and that might be some kind of fear from going to school and facing the person bullying him.
  • Loss of interest in social life, or in making new friends
  • The person’s inability to control his anger.
  • Entering the phase of depression
  • The victim might also suffer from loss of sleep, poor appetite, and suffering from headaches and stomach pains.
  • In the case of the victim is engaged in the physical bullying acts, there might be an appearance for bruises or scratches.
  • They start developing low self-esteem issues.

According to a research that was done by the UNICEF communications in Malaysia, it was found that not only the bully and the victim suffer from such acts, but sometimes in the cases of the appearance of a witness, it might affect them as well and might lead to:

  • Their feeling of being helpless because they don’t know what to do or how to react to what is happening in front of them.
  • They might feel guilty for not taking an action or trying to help in some way.
  • They might feel that they are the bully’s next target
  • The witnesses might fear with specific places that they witnesses bullying acts in before.

Bullying prevention strategies

  • Engage with your child

The first thing to do if you notice that something’s wrong with your child is to talk to them. The most important thing you can do for a bullied child is to validate the situation. Pay attention to your child’s feelings and let them know that you care. EVEN THOUGH  you may not be able to solve their issue just make them feel that you are reliable and your child can count on you.

  • Be a role model

Bullying is a learned behavior. Children pick up antisocial behaviors like bullying from adult role models, parents, teachers, and the media. Be a positive role model and teach your child good social behavior from an early age. Your child is less likely to enter damaging or hurtful relationships if you as their parent avoid negative associations.

  • Build a community of support

Bullying is a community issue and requires a community solution. Everybody has to be on board to successfully stamp cut it now, I mean EVERYBODY!

  • Empower the witness

In most cases, the witness is powerless to help. They may think that getting involved may bring the bully’s attacks onto themselves or make them social outcasts. But it’s essential to empower witnesses to help. Schools or community should work to protect bystanders from retaliation and help them understand that silence and inaction can make bullies more powerful.

  • Work with the bully

Don’t forget that the bully has issues to deal with as well and also needs help from adults. Bullies often engage in bullying behaviors out of a lack of empathy and trust, or as a result of issues at home.

Bullies first need to recognize that their behavior is bullying, that their bullying is harmful to others and leads to negative consequences. You can nip bullying behavior in the bud by showing them what the consequences of their actions are.


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