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Thai massage has always  been my first preferences. It is said that not only it benefits for the individual but it uses the gentle pressure on energy lines of your body and the ‘yoga-like’ stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level. This deeper level of relaxation improves the individuals’ personal outlook, their emotional status, mental well-being, improved blood circulation and relief pain.

I strongly believe that one should pamper yourself with good massage as we deserve to contribute on our well-being. It helps to de-stress and loosen up your body and it is great for those who have had a hard working week.


Thai Odyssey is my favorite place! Recently I visited their outlet in Seremban Gateway, Malaysia for this sponsored aromatherapy massage, it’s situated on the first floor and is located as the end of the hallway. From the look of it, I must say it’s newly opened.

Thai Odyssey always assures a spa experience that will nurture both the body and soul.


Unlike other massages, an aromatherapy massage is mainly centered into using different types of aroma oils during a massage session.

Here at Thai Odyssey, before each massage therapy session starts, you are able to choose the type of massage oil that you prefer before the therapy starts. It is an excellent blend of oil and aroma that leaves you feeling good. I believe that these massage oil not only improve you mood but also enhance you mind and body connection.

Aromatherapy Oil 

Thai Odyssey Description: The combination of gentle muscular compression and exotic healing scents brings your body and mind into a heavenly state of rest. This classical massage brings balance and equilibrium to each and every individual, awakens and restores balance, leaves you feeling rejuvenated. This relaxing massage uses pure botanical extract of essential oil with the selection of Muay, Relax, Energy, Tone and Purify.


Here, I went with Purify as I wanted something that could use of  detox and my sister went with Energy to keep her muscle relief. An important element of aromatherapy is synergy, which is the combination of numerous essential oils that can actually create a more powerful effect than the oils would have on their own.

Next, the usual Thai Odyssey Culture – You are requested to change to their in-house slippers and be treated to a calming foot bath.

Foot Scrubbing 


Next, they would dry your feet off with a clean towel.Your masseuse will then usher you to your respective rooms for the service you chose.


For this session, one is required to just be on your towel and underwear as it involves your entire body. I was given a shower cap, disposable underwear and once we are good to go they will it with a towel before laying down upon the mattress. Then later my masseuse came back with a cup of warm herbal tea and right after this the massage starts. Read here for more details of the tea served.

I will admit, the massage involves yoga type stretching of the major muscles in the legs, neck and back. This form of massage is very helpful for persons with muscular soreness or for those wishing to increase their flexibility. Thai massage involves the masseur stimulating several of the major energy lines and it is believed the circulation from within flows through.

Through out the massage session I was feeling so relaxed and I fell asleep.

Product Purchases:

Now here’s the good news, you may also purchase their offered product in various range, from body scrub to massage! It’s usually placed at the front desk pathway.


That’s my Saa-Waa-Dee-Kaa Girls! – The Talented Thai Therapist! One thing about the masseuse, they never fail to put up a smile from the beginning until the end of the session. My honest opinion, they are always warm people that assures you are feeling comfortable throughout the session until you leave the premises.


I was delighted to share this special time with my newly married sister, this was more like our own sister time which I treasured. Thank you Thai Odyssey, we had a great time. Both massage and bonding!

Aromatherapy massage has powerful physical, emotional as well as mental affect and described as a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I definitely had mine, and I know you will too!


Do check out the Thai Odyssey in Seremban Gateway and pampered yourselves and your love ones with the award winning spa in Malaysia.

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