Island Tour – Loh Samah Bay & Monkey Beach

Happy Sunday! Up today is part three of my Thailand trip!

This time I’m up for a journey to visiting the beautiful islands of Thailand. So before the sun-rise I decided to leave in the morning.

The best way to avoid the crowds is to go as early as you can in the morning and/or visit when the water is too low for the boats to enter the bay itself. fullsizeoutput_24f

Although no one lives or stays on the other islands of Phi Phi, there are several day and half-day trips that will take you island hopping to visit them all. This is a must-do in Koh Phi Phi because it allows you to see so much more than just the area that all the tourists stay.

The place is surrounded by sea canyon – high rock cliffs, turquoise waters surrounded by small islands.



Awesome and fantastic lagoon.

The tropical paradise of Phi Phi Island is composed of two islands: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley. Although Phi Phi Don is the main island, Phi Phi Ley has quite a bit to offer tourists. Loh Samah Beach is located on the much smaller island of Phi Phi Ley. Since this entire island is surrounded by limestone walls, very little damaged was sustained by the tsunami. To this day, the island and beaches shine like a precious gem.

This small bay on the other side of Loh Samah on Koh Phi Phi Leh offers a beautiful setting including a small green island planted in the sea but it is especially a nice spot for snorkelling. One can see many colorful fish mainly yellow and blue (probably Nemo and Dory too!!!). You could do snorkeling by staying on the surface, you can swim among the fish. Should you need a mask and snorkel, this will be provided by the longtail boat driver. fullsizeoutput_224

fullsizeoutput_1e1.jpegWhen the tides are low, the beauty is shown. This was Tonsai Beach. At low tide the water was ridiculously shallow and you could easily walk a couple of hundred metres out into the ocean and still only be waist-deep in water.

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is – as the name probably gives away – filled with monkeys. Monkeys that roam around. Monkeys that jump into the sea and swim. Monkeys that come up to people and take food from them.

Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island, Thailand is quite the little escape from the norm. If you’re not interested in monkeys, I would suggest you to skip this tour. I personally have so much passion for animal and monkey is one of them.

It was good to see those ‘sea monkeys’, and there were plenty of them!

If you can look closely, there’s a group of monkeys on the right side of the limestone




I was trying to make friends with the baby monkey …


Shoutout to the funniest and most helpful fisher man/boat driver for my island hopping trip. (P.S) He was fishing squid in the middle of the sea! Ha-Ha


Behind the cave/jungle behind me is a home to many monkey.

TRAVEL TIP: When the signs say don’t feed the monkeys, you shouldn’t feed the monkeys. The monkeys are a little grabby, and will quickly snatch people’s sunglasses and valuables – plus any food stored in pockets or bags.

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