Affordable Drugstore Brow Kit – Worth Every Penny

Brow Talk Girls! Many of us want to achieve the perfect arched brows that looks like Jessica Alba but for girls like me who has thick brows (just like Cara Delevingne), it’s always a struggle to get the correct colored shade that matches my natural brows. And even if I found it, it will be highly pricey and make me think twice to purchase them.

Thankfully I found this affordable gem while making my way at the local Guardian store (it is a local drugstore just like Walmart in the US) in Malaysia and here is my honest review to all of you!

I’m gonna start with the packaging of this product. It comes in a sleek black rectangular box with a classy touch of gold font that writes ‘BROW’ on the front. As I open the brow kit, there is a large mirror which is big enough to see your whole face, which makes it easier for me to focus on my bushy brows.

There is 4 powder shades found in this brow kit that helps cater to our brow ranges – From medium dark shades to lighter tone shades, a brow highlighter & wax. What’s great is this there is an eyebrow applicator provided that comes with a spoolie and a dark brown eyebrow pencil. What a value buy! And it’s all under MYR 30.00.00 (I know right, that is pretty darn reasonable and that’s why I had to add it to my basket!).

I swatched them on my hand, natural looking isn’t it? My video on this brow kit can be found on above! 

The powders are decently pigmented, infact so much so that it is easy to get a super dark brow with little effort, so those of you wondering if this wouldn’t be dark enough? I promise you it is!

There are the four colors look quite different when swatched. A beige, an ashy brown, a light brown, a soft brown and a darker brown, and when applied on the brows – they don’t look as different!

I have been faithfully using the L’Oreal eyebrow pencil in dark brown for the majority of the year. I’m used to the darker shade brow and adjusting to the dark range powder tone was quite easy but lets just say, it takes a good couple more minutes to do my brows naturally with the shades however the gel wax is awesome! I took the little brush that came in the kit and brush a little on my brows and it kept my brows in place.

Naturally I have a thick brow so achieving a fuller eyebrow with this kit is very easy. To those of you who doesn’t have much hair in your eyebrow, I suggest you to outline your eyebrow with a brow pencil first.


Compared to The Body Shop Eyebrow Kit, this drug store eyebrow kit gives a similar result so I guess I don’t need to spend another penny to achieve practically a same brow results. So if you don’t have any eyebrow kit and want to create an awesome eyebrow you can go with this. First it’s quite affordable and secondly the colors are pigmented just as any high end product! This product can be found in any Guardian store in Malaysia nationwide. Grab em’ while stock lasts.

Whoever said that the eyes are the windows to the soul? Because in my opinion, it’s definitely the eyebrows.


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