The City of Love – Paris, France

Paris may be the city of love and one of the most romantic places in the world but today I’ve been having a little romance with the city itself. It turns out that I LOVE Paris. I’m so in love with architectures, its museums, French cuisine, the people and most importantly with the vibe the city has.

When I was a little girl, the Eiffel Tower is among the places I wanted to visit, and I remember telling my mother that someday when I am in Paris, I will take a stroll through the city and witness the sparkling lights of Eiffel Tower and drink coffee under the Paris Bridge. Today, it became a reality, and the feeling seems surreal. It was a historical moment for me in my life – being in P-A-R-I-S!

I am on a European gateway for the month, so I started my trip from Germany. We took a road trip travelling through the German cities and highway followed by the transitions of our travel towards suburb living in the country side – No. 1 I have always seen the scenic beauty of European country-side in Bollywood movies and no. 2 it’s something I don’t often get to see in Malaysia.

At first, the travel time made me felt heavy cause I wanted to be there like immediately almost like being in a magical world, but I am so glad I did it because I was able to witness small towns and farm houses which I wouldn’t be able to see if I would have taken a flight.  I must admit, the Europeans has a scenic countryside lifestyle and they are rich in agriculture and reserved nature. Every part of the countryside landscape is mind-blowing and soothing for the eye.

The journey was about 7 – 8 hours away and we did take breaks in between to rest and before continuing our journey, pretty much the weather throughout our travel seem sunny from Germany and it started off drizzling while we were approaching France.

It was a great feeling to finally arrive in Paris. The travel seemed worthwhile and all the travel hassle turned out to be joyful and meaningful.

Paris, the city of light. A modern city with a very deep sense of history. The people, the language, the buildings and crafts, the tasty yummy croissants and cheese, the Eiffel tower! Everything is historical here. I wanted to experience the Paris city life. To travel by the subway metro train, stopping by coffee shops …. as the saying goes, ‘you gotta be a Parisian in Paris’.

On our first day, the first stop was the most iconic piece of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. The iconic landmark was quite a distance from my hotel, but it’s worth the walk because I get to see the streets of Paris and technically speaking that’s the whole idea of visiting Paris! From my hotel, I obtained some information from the maps leaflet on the shelve and begun mapping out my day-walking trip and oh boy it was so much more helpful to know there are inter-city train that goes to the places I wanted to visit. This made my day even more easier.

The season I arrived in Europe (in general) was on a cold winter season so I had to always be sure to keep myself warm and always take time to find a coffee shop from time to time. Coming from an Asian country, I felt pretty much different with the cold winter weather because we don’t have such weather shifts in Malaysia much but truly, it was an outstanding experience of winter!LRM_EXPORT_20180328_012431My first impression getting into the local train was somewhat unexpected. The metro train station was not well kept and that was a culture shock to me, I expected more on Paris but seeing is believing they say – The reality is a lot more different than what I had expected.

There’s a lot to see in Paris by way of attractions, but you will soon find these are spread widely apart and a better plan of action is to wander at leisure, stumbling across the big names as you venture on. Starting off you will find plenty of charming cafes as you stroll around.

The Porte D’ Ivry Subway Station, Paris

We grabbed our lunch at the Cafe La Petit Pond, it is a French cuisine near the Notre Dame, this spot is a buzzing atmosphere and we were welcomed with a warm smile and quickly shown to our table. After grabbing lunch, I continued wandering the Parisian streets before making my way to the Eiffel Tower.

Some team before lunch at Cafe Le Petit Pont

I can’t help but to gaze in amazement by the French architecture, made me feel as if I just walked back into the Middle Ages. The walk was by the La Seine River and in between, my tour winds through the narrow medieval streets of the Ancient Cloister Quarter on the Ile de la Cité and the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank. It includes Notre-Dame, one of the city’s most famous Gothic buildings.

La Seine River, Paris.
The alley of Paris Street

Beauty from a-far..


I will never forget the feeling when I was walking close approaching Eiffel Tower that first time. The butterflies, the overwhelming sense of freedom I felt as if I am getting off a moving train – it’s still with me today. It is a dream come true, and I believe that when you work hard towards your achievements and life goals, you will get there in time.

Night View of the glorious building

When I stood in front of the Eiffel Tower, the moment was like a lifetime – it was surreal! When I was a little girl, I always told my family that when I visit Eiffel Tower I am going to find a coffee and drink it under the tower and watch the beauty of it. And when this wish-list is about to happen, I never missed any chance of it.

Firmine Cafe
The Eiffel Tour view from the cafe @Firmine Cafe
Wish came true, a cup filled with happiness by the Paris tower!

The Eiffel Tower,  built for the Universal Exhibition in 1889, is divided in 3 levels. The first two floors can be reached by steps or elevator. The top of the Eiffel Tower is accessible with a purchase of a roof-top access ticket – However I decided to have a view from below.

So, if you have any questions, please ask! There is nothing I would love more than to help in making your trip a memorable one as it has been for me.


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