Tips On Making Your Selfie Like A Pro

We live in a selfie obsessed era. Whether you walk right into a cinema or take a walk in the park, the majority of the population will have their phone glued to their hands all-ever ready to snap a selfie. Selfies are just another form of self-portraiture. It is taken by yourself, not by a photographer but you and there is an absolute sense of freedom to genuinely express yourselves to build your own self-image. The best part of all, selfie allows one to accept themselves and to become more confident with our appearances. 

Did you know that there is an art into taking a perfect Instagram selfie? Be it in your best angle or posture you are who you snap out of your smartphone, ONLY when it’s done in the right way. Let’s dig right at it. 

We’ve seen it all, from celebrities to beauty and fashion bloggers – A flawless perfect selfie! It seems that they look better than most of us because they are more photogenic??? But there’s actually more to it and the No.1 successful tip is lighting! 


I’m pretty much sure you have heard this number of times now! Lighting is crucial in any photograph and right there is your key success for your selfie. Whether it’s a natural light (preferably natural) or an outdoor shoot, make sure the light is towards your face as this will make your skin glow and look amazing.


It is important to find your body language composition during a selfie. Strike your favorite pose! One hand on hip? Mirror selfie? Slightly pouted lips? Duck-face? Anything that brings your inner confidence, do it anyways. 


A perfect angle gives the perfect leverage over controlling your background and controlling how you look in the picture. A quick tip to get your angle right – My personal selfie hack, I always hold my phone slightly above my head and tilt it down at myself at my most best angle and this help make my face structure slimmer and it outshines my face in the best possible way. Try it! Picture as shown above

`There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.’ ~Ernst Haas


The most common failing factors are when you take a picture in a dark and gloomy backgrounds especially a public bathroom or dark room selfie,. Now there is nothing wrong at this but its absolute necessary to take care of our selfies background. This drives a different energy through your pictures and it does reach your audiences. Sometimes because of the choice one make in a poor background selection selfie, we often seen it turns into a memes/joke. Don’t let that happen to you! 


Don’t be shy to use editing software in your photos. I started using Instagram exactly 4 years ago and I never thought of editing my pictures. I often strive for a good lighting for a selfie but it often lands me in poor creativity on my own pictures. When I started exploring the social media platform and learning the skills to perfect a selfies or a picture, I came to realize that even a high end photographer uses editing software to enhance the look of their model! Thanks to America’s Next Top Model, I often see how Yu Tsai makes a magic on his artworks.  

Use anything that suits your niche. I use only VSCO, Facetune, Adobe Photoshop & Light-room. All this app offers advanced functions, including shutter speed and white balance controls, which keep colors accurate in my photos. Do not be afraid to venture into editing, you never know  what the outcome of your picture will be. 


Lift, smile, shoot from above. And, just before you snap, don’t be afraid to throw out all the tricks and just be you. Laugh, smile, frown, stick out that tongue. Whatever you’re feeling, let it be freely expressed. You may not look like a supermodel, but you’ll look like your authentic self. And that, is exactly what a good selfie is all about.

Would you like to know how I edit my pictures? Let me know in the comments below and I will plan on an article. 

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