The Golden Hair Rule

It’s been quite a month for me personally and I have to say, everyday comes with a surprise. I’ve received quite an overwhelming feedback after publishing my recent article MY STORY : HOW I OVERCAME PCOS (Part 1) and I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those who reached out to me, it has helped me grow emotionally with each one of you!

Now, let’s get back to the important topic here today- HAIRCARE. A couple of you have mailed me asking about my hair care routine therefore I have decided to do a post about my religious routine and share some tips that I follow since young!

My hair concept is pretty simple, care for your hair as much as you care for your skin. Most of us neglect the fact of taking care of our hair thinking it is the least important list in our health benefits cause hey, it’s just ‘the hair’ and if we shampoo them every twice a week it’s all good. No! My friends, just as the skin our hair needs the same nurture and care and it is an absolute important beauty features, believe or not that’s our crown of glory.

It is important to first understand what is your hair type in order to to use the right shampoo, hair mask and even getting the correct hair oil. As a child, I was born with a lucious lux wavy hair and they happen to be silky! (thank you mommy).

The common myth buster people think is that wavy hair has s-shaped curls down its length, it’s the perfect blend between straight and curly. Sometimes the hair can appear straight with slight bends towards the ends of the hair, or it can have consistent waves throughout the shaft. This hair has ultimate flexibility, and is easy to straighten, keep wavy, and curl. But, on the other hand the struggles are sometimes it does get greasy on the top and dry at the bottom and it is much more prone to frizz than any other hair type.


I would wash my hair 3 times a week (alternative days). Personally that differs for an individual but I like to keep my hair healthy at all times to avoid the greasyness’.

HOW I CARE: I would absolutely

    • Avoid hot shower directly on my head. Never do that!
    • Shampoo my scalp and massage it in a circular motion. This is to improve blood circulation.
    • Deep hair masking only twice in a month just to keep my hair soft.
    • NEVER comb my hair using a brush when it’s wet. I’ve once read on the magazine that when our hair is soaking wet, it is weaker, fragile and more susceptible to breakage.
    • Always brush from the bottom and work up.
    • Keep my brushes clean. I wash them every weekend.
    • Use a low-heat setting for hair drying and point the nozzle down. Most of the time I leave it to dry on it’s own to avoid the heating on my hair much.
  • Always deep soak my hair with organic coconut & almond oil. The coconut essense helps the hair for thickness and growth whereas the and almond oil is for a smooth and silky texture. I do this every weekend and washes off with lukewarm water first before shampooing my hair, I will never use the conditioner while doing so to keep the goodness of the oil on my hair.


    • I’m faithful to Sunsilk and recently started using Hask hair shampoo and conditioner. It’s been years now and this product is still the best! It makes my hair healthier, shining and smell good all day long!
  • I would use the Coconut (any brand as long as they are original) & Almond oil


Since wavy hair has many choices, I can choose whether to straighten it, leave it wavy or curl my hair more. Based on my experiences, I would suggest to all women who has wavy hair – keeping it natural and spritzing some texturizing or salt spray gives you a beachy look.

And there you have it! My hair care routine.

Add these extra universal rule of thumb to help your hair stay its most healthy and beautiful:

  • Invest in a silk pillow to prevent hair breakage.
  • Eat healthy foods and drink water to help new hair grow beautifully.