Victoria’s Secret Perfume – A Bombshell Review

These days it is quite tough to find our perfect scenting. Some people goes with the trend of the media suggestion while some really trust their instincts and go with what their mind and soul has tuned in. Perfume is a way of stopping time for me. I always get drawn back in memories and emotions when I smell a beautiful scent and I go back down in memory lane. I assure you that by the end of this article today, you will love this pink beauty right here.

Confidence and glamour—Bombshell attitude in a bottle

I bought this Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume way back in 2013 and this perfume scenting has made a mark in my life. It was quite a swift of life changes for me and I met quite good souls that eventually became my lifetime friends. So that’s my fondest memory that I recall when I wear on this perfume.

The Bombshell perfume is one of those runaway success stories of fragrance that has all the right components. They are affordable and has a fresh and clean feel with a little bit of fruity. The fragrance smells like a fruity shampoo which is pretty much a goldmine when it comes to mass appeal.

Now, looking at the packaging – The fragrance is decorated in pink with a black ribbon bow.  The stripes on the bottle is quite cute and very easy to hold, and equally easy to use. Victoria’s Secret claims this scenting smells like purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. There’s a bit of something citrus-like that I want to say – A sweet grapefruit flavor scenting.

This fragrance is Victoria’s Secret signature, award-winning fragrance (Bombshell) – A timeless mix of fresh-cut, exotic flowers and afternoon sun. This fragrance is sold in retail price MYR 230.71 throughout Malaysia.

If your someone that loves a fruity floral scenting perfume than Bombshell is your perfect match!

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Cherisha is a self-love coach, writer, spiritual mentor and an aspiring psychologist. She has interests in motivation & beauty mainly attributing to ignite ones inner beauty through life coaching.

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