The Skincare Benefits Of Rose

Roses has become increasingly the most popular ingredient in the skincare industry and here’s a reason to it. The rose extracts is found to be an effective anti-inflammatory and scar reducing agent that helps reduce the appearance of redness and soothes the skin – making it super therapeutic for acne and oily prone skin types. Why? Because rose extracts are are high in vitamin C (collagen) and vitamin E (moisturizer).

In the earlier century, roses are always related with notions of beauty and love, thanks to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians mythology! They used rose petals to perfume their baths and decorated the floors of their banquet halls. Born and raised in an Indian household, I always wondered why we used rose water and rose oil in our daily skincare regime. And by now I guessed it right, we all understand that rose flower is undoubtedly a trademark of beauty’s magic potion and this iconic flower does beauty wonders on the skin.
Melvita’s Damask Rose Floral Water

Rose water is a treat to your skin

  • Diminishes redness for a more even-toned complexion
  • Tackles and reduces inflammation, leaving skin calmer and re-balanced
  • Moisturises and soothes dry, extremely dry (eczema prone) and sensitive skin
  • Hydrates, refreshes and revitalises dry, tired skin
  • Calms and soothes inflamed, redness prone and sensitive complexions
  • As a natural astringent, tones and purifies the skin whilst restoring suppleness

Rose water is known for its ability to refresh and revitalise dry, tired skin. A year ago, I had redness flare on my skin and it never seemed heal until I went to the skin doctor and got diagnosed with ezcema.

I never had such skin irritations before so I started filling in with information about this skin issue and realised that it takes a longer time to heal than I expected. The first action was to do an elimination diet to identify any possible food intolerances that led me to avoid nuts, dairy products, soy products, spices and citrus fruits and the next thing I did, I stopped applying the usual skincare products on my skin. I will tell you why, ezcema took a toll on my skin that the surface of my skin always felt dry and tight. Imagine at one point of time, smiling was a painful thing to do! It made me felt too uncomfortable and sometimes – PAINFUL.

That’s when I decided to go natural on my skin and I tried rose water. I made a DIY distilled rose water at home and it worked fine on me! No irritations whatsoever. Day after day, I started seeing changes on my skin. The red flares I once had subdued & my skin showed almost 60% improvement overall. I was thrilled. Rose water is a natural astringent. It tones the skin and reduces the appearance of pores for a supple purified and flawless complexion. If you are a very busy person to make your own DIY distilled rose water, you can always purchase them from the Walmart stores or walk into a Melvita outlet and get their Damask Rose Floral Water. It’s super hydrating and refreshing. I always carry them in my hand bag to give a few pump whenever I need to revitalize my skin.

I use The Body Shop’s British Rose fresh plumping mask for hydration

The aroma of pure roses is so luxurious, it’s difficult not to enjoy! And so the best rose-containing skincare products help boost not only your skin’s health, but your mental health as well. Adding rose-infused products to your skincare routine before bed can help you sleep anxiety-free. Let’s not take roses for granted.

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