Road-trip to Sea-Life

Unplanned road trips always ends up in beautiful experiences one can ever have, similarly it happened to me when I found myself in Sea Life aquarium for the first time.

SEA LIFE is the world’s largest aquarium brand that will transport you to an underwater world experience. You can find yourself having a close interactions with sharks, sea-horse, stingray, clown fish and many other sea creatures.

Sea Life in München

During the earlier part of the day, I headed out for lunch at Pizza Hut in Munich. While I was browsing through my phone for the things to do near me, Sea Life popped out. I took this opportunity to explore the underworld creature as this reminded of Aquaria back in Kuala Lumpur. Purchasing the entrance ticket online had made it easier for me, I was able to skip the queue and went in straight through.

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk in is a brief introduction of Sea Life that is children-friendly and very informative for adult too. Next, there will be starfish exhibits alongside many other species and a crawl through tunnel to watch them from an underwater perspective (just like the image of the video image above).

I was rather excited to head over to the tropical ocean tank for blacktip reef, coral reef and sharks. And if you are a parent with kids, you could bring your children to get a closer interactions with some sea creatures by stopping at the interactive rock pool, where your kids can touch a starfish and hold a crab. Let my pictures do you justice!

This is one place you would want to see as you’ll learn a lot about our underwater eco-system and how they live. The Sea-Life in Munich is easy to find at Olympic Park and once you are done, you can chill by the lakeside and enjoy the view and have an easy peaceful day.

Olympic Park is also home to the Olympic Tower which at 292 meters provides a great view of the Munich and the Olympic Stadium which you can also do a tour of.

My Verdict –

A BIG YESS! Sea Life allows you to escape into an interesting underwater world and you will see more than 4000 sea creatures from rivers, lakes and oceans. The aquarium houses these 4000 species in 33 display tanks and ponds. You will NOT not want to miss this chance!

Closer look at Sea horses
Oh hello Mr Crab.
See-through tunnel, got to see sea snakes that has clown fish
Now this is the real Shark tank!!
Love from Olympia Park

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