Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

I know it’s late but Merry Christmas dearest readers! The holiday season always causes me to do two things.

First, the holidays always make me reflect. Each year seems to go by faster than the one before. I’ve never been great at keeping a journal, so I started digital journaling, and it’s surprising how many major events occur in the course of one year of your life. It’s worth going back over the last year to remember all the events and happenings that shaped the past year –or may have changed your course.

Second, and more importantly, the holidays make me grateful.

I am grateful for all my families, starting with the one in which I was born. None of us gets to choose this family, but if I could choose, I would happily take this one. There is an element of blessings here that can’t be overstated.

There are other families I am grateful for, the families that I have chosen or that have chosen me. Along this path, you discover that you have brothers and sisters that were born to different parents. You go most of your life never knowing them, and then you meet them and you recognize that these are your people.

Then there is this community, the people who read my blog and constantly support my Instagram page, and those that watches my YouTube channel – Thank you!! Every week I am humbled by your replies and your notes, and I am grateful for you sharing your stories, thoughts, and ideas with me. Thanks for being part of my family!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Here’s my makeup for the holidays!

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