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Even as a child I would conjure up stories with my imagination, sharing them with anyone who was willing to listen. I’ve developed my storytelling and written quite a bit since then, but the essence of creativity I began with as a kid has remained a major influence on my work today.  

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Hi! I’m Cherisha! Owner of this blog. I’ve been blogging since 2016 and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Like every other girls, I too have big dreams & visions. I spent most of my teenage-hood hunched over giving back to the community and before I could realize it became a lifetime passion! Becoming a humanitarian. I spend my life volunteering for the under privileged to eradicate hunger through the power of education. I strongly believe that the world needs to believe that true love for humanity does exist in our modern day, if only we start practicing the art of giving back to our community. 

Volunteering with World Vision Malaysia has changed my life tremendously and definitely taught me the importance of hunger and poverty, it changed my view in everything that I touch and do. “Hunger is preventable if only we all work towards one mindset and goals“. 

I chose to journal on the things I feel passionate about especially sharing my love for photography, beauty, lifestyle and travel aspirations. I believe in practicing a happier mindset is the key to living a peaceful life. 

SpeakUP‘ is my charity organization and our goal is to eliminate hunger and create a culture that promotes self-sustenance and work for a change in our community. Our mission is to practice charity without borders regardless of race, skin color, religion or cultural background. We believe that the greatest gift one can offer to someone in need is through our energy and expertise to help make the loves of others better. 

I feel blessed doing what I always dream on doing – Being a inspired together with my family and friends. I love the verse that says ‘As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.’ (Proverbs 27:17). We are alive for a purpose and until the Lord moves you – You are to bloom where you are planted! 

Get in touch with me if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggetsions or just wanna say hello ~ I’d be more happy to hear from you. 

Do I have a Youtube channel? Yes I do, click here

For PR enquiries, you can reach me at –


If you fancy a chat with me – tweet me @CherishaSharma. You’re likely to get a quicker response!

Building my community, so follow my Instagram life! Trust me, you’ll be a family. 


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9 thoughts on “Behind the Blogger

  1. So let’s unlock your purpose and unleash the potential by exploring life…This is what I does,and you’re a so busy it seems I couldn’t make it to be a friend with you…But one day for sure we will meet up each other for a reason…Good Luck future psychologists 😘

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