Hello my cherishing beauties,  I’m Cherisha! Owner of this blog – An aspiring Psychologist, Writer and Enthusiast of all things “Beauty, Fashion and Life”. Inspired by Cherisha is created in 2016 to share my thoughts on life that’s worth living for through inspirational motivation, beauty and the art of volunteering

Like every other girls, I too have big dreams & visions. I spent most of my childhood hunched over giving back to the community by lending my hands into helping women/orphaned children – To show that true generosity and love for humankind exists in this modern day living. 

I chose to write about the things I liked, the things I felt passionate about and share my love of photographs. Before long, I had a small group of people that enjoyed reading what I’d written, and this FELT amazing in itself, as really – I’d never expected anyone to enjoy anything I’d written in my own little space on the Internet.

I love the verse that says ‘As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.’ (Proverbs 27:17). These words are close to my heart as I strongly believe that we are alive for a special purpose AND we have an open door, until the LORD moves you – You are to bloom where you’re planted!

I feel blessed doing what I always dream on doing – To be an INSPIRATION everyday by moments with my family/friends and loved ones.

Besides being a Psychologist, I too get fascinated by the wonders that make-up does! 

Join me in exploring the best hotspots in Asia – Follow my journey on my personal instagram, check out for daily pictures and coffee-gasm! Turn me one page at a time to unravel my story! 

For PR enquiries, you can reach me at inspiredbycherisha@gmail.com –


If you fancy a chat with me – tweet me @CherishaSharma.You’re likely to get a quicker response!

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7 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. So let’s unlock your purpose and unleash the potential by exploring life…This is what I does,and you’re a so busy it seems I couldn’t make it to be a friend with you…But one day for sure we will meet up each other for a reason…Good Luck future psychologists 😘

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