Author: InspiredbyCherisha

Founder of SpeakUP movement. She is a humanitarian, future-enthusiast, occasional blogger & self-love writer that is learning to perfect the art of making a cup of cappuccino.
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Dealing With Haters

The bottom-line is- haters feel an inner emptiness, living a sad and unfulfilled life, and they try to fill it with the attention of others.

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Be A Hero, Be A Blood Donor

The theme of this year’s World Blood Donor Day – June 14, 2016 is, “Blood connects us all“. It focuses on thanking blood donors.

Everyone has a starting point from some where right?  I clearly remembered mine, probably it’s not the fanciest story of them all, but I sure did have a kick start. I was always curious on how does it feel? Will it be so painful that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms for the next few days??  Or am I gonna put on excessive weight?!

The first time I decided that I wanted to donate blood -It was an emotional roller coaster ride but I was quite determined to go for it because I was mentally prepared. It was a mixed
feeling of determination + overwhelmed + curious + adventurous + fear of needle prick! (I won’t lie on that one) + heart to give back to the community. So here am I, quietly outside the private room, waiting for my turn and- in the meantime friendly faces and welcoming words awaited me as I entered. They shared of their own first time experience into donating and had treated me kindly. I must say, as a first tim-

img_72991.pnger I am blessed enough to get an experienced bunch of doctor & nurses to treat me.
I expected to feel fear when I sat down, awaiting the needle, but I only felt a wave of adrenaline and the satisfaction of doing good for others. It went quite smoothly.

It is the greatest feeling  in the
world, that your blood will save someone’s life out there. That your blood that you donate gives someone another chance at life. Some day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one—or even you. 
And it has been 4 years now since I donated blood, I never turned back.

So if you want to save a life, but hesitate to do so.. Or you have doubts about falling ill or catching a disease, continue reading….

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The Day I Kissed New Year’s Resolution Goodbye

With the new year approaching, we are all busy making plans for our lives or situation and even probably making new habits or changing existing ones. We take stock of the year that’s now behind us and make goals and resolutions for the one ahead. You might write down your resolutions around things like eating healthy. exercising more, quitting smoke, texting less, spending more time with family without any electronic devices. And, as many people are aware off, around 30 days later is when we’ll break those resolutions. So the question is…. why in the world do we keep making them?

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Live Your Dreams | Life-Goals

We all have dreams that’s higher than the mountains and deeper than the oceans. I am a firm believer of believing in your dreams, that if you want to achieve great things in life, you need to first set goals. Most people find it difficult or rather tell themselves, ‘I’ll set my new goals resolution end of the year so my coming year will be fruitful‘ -sadly we ignore this important journal and never get close to living our dreams. Goals are a great way to determine a clear direction of where you want your life to be. As a person, I always set myself goals, be it in my life, career, passion, fitness and family priorities. This helps me to dream big and keep getting better at everything I do. Once my pastor told me, ‘Dream big Cherisha, because our God is BIG‘. So if you are on a life mission, or confused where/how to start your dreams, fitness journey, or simply want to aim a little higher in life, here are some of my key tips on how to dream big, set goals and achieve what you want.

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6 Common Makeup Mistake That Ages You

Undeniably there will be a lot of changes as we grow older. Mainly our skin changes, so does our look. One of the magics that helps us is MAKE-UP, let’s face it -make-up makes us look and feel good about ourselves that boost our confidence level. But, if you’re applying it the wrong way using too much or the wrong products, make-up may just age you earlier than expected – rather than making you feel youthful, from over made up eyes to wrong choice of foundation, here’s the 6 crucial make-up mistake that you should avoid.

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My Story: How I Overcame Pcos (Part 1)

When I was 20 years old, I noticed the pattern of irregularity in my menstrual cycle. However, I didn’t really thought it was a  major issue and ignored the ‘triggering senses’ thinking that it was normal to have delays in my menstrual cycle. Months passed by and finally I was alarmed that the irregularity had been a constant part of my LIFE!! I was turning 21 years old and noticed that I was getting thicker. I was becoming overweight; always felt hungry & the clothes I wore doesn’t just fit me anymore.

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What’s Inner Beauty?

So what’s this inner beauty that everyone’s is talking about? Is it a kind of beauty that’s on the inside and only a mere imagination?

Inner beauty is often described as ones characteristics that’s experienced through a person’s nature rather than the appearance. ‘Inner beauty is often reflected as in how we present ourselves to the world,’ says Vivian Diller, a New York – based former model turned psychologist with a research focus on the psychologist of beauty. So what’s your inner beauty, let’s find it out ….!


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Taming Your Thoughts

Most of us would always have private conversations with ourselves – that soft and still voice that speaks to us in measures. But do you know that your inner monologue will either fuel your success or demonstrate your downfall. When you think that, I’m never getting this job’ at the back of your mind – In the middle of an interview conversation, you’ll struggle to present yourself confidently. As you walk into a room filled with people in a ballroom dinner and tell yourself No one will talk to me’  You may feel anxious and not approachable.  We all have our constant conversation soundtrack in our head. On most occasions, it’s harmless and very helpful especially when you remind yourself to do something beneficial however if your inner voice takes a detour, you’ll need to tame it.