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Changing Negative Thoughts Into Positive Mindset

For example, sometimes I ask myself, “Why blog? What have you got to say that’s worth sharing?” Clear isn’t it. My negative thoughts were talking me through on my willingness to pursue a successful blogging journey.

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Overcoming Laziness

There is NO such things called Laziness unless you create it. Seems new? But that’s the truth. If you find yourself experiencing something like this but unsure? Take a look at the few possibilities that is associated with Laziness.

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My Story | Pcos Diet Plan (Part 2)

So let’s get started! Most of you that has read MY STORY : HOW I OVERCAME PCOS (Part 1), would have had quite an insight about my journey towards recovery, happiness and self-discovery. Being diagnosed with […]

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My Story: How I Overcame Pcos (Part 1)

In the doctor’s room, I was hoping it’s a normal condition so I sat back and relaxed. But when my gynecologist sent me to an endocrinologist for more testing, my nightmare had started and I was diagnosed with PCOS!

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6 Ways To Tame Your Thoughts

Most of us would always have private conversations with ourselves – that soft and still voice that speaks to us in measures. But do you know that your inner monologue will either fuel your success or demonstrate your downfall?