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National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

The month of January is known as the National Human Trafficking month across the globe and it was first declared as ‘National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month‘ in 2010 to acknowledge those experiencing enslavement […]

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Unspoken Truth Of Woman Violence

WHAT IS WOMEN ABUSE? Common question isn’t is, what is women abuse? 98% of the women population suffers from abuse and mind you abuse does not need to be physically but through psychological or sexual […]

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Be A Hero, Be A Blood Donor

The theme of this year’s World Blood Donor Day – June 14, 2016 is, “Blood connects us all“. It focuses on thanking blood donors.

Everyone has a starting point from some where right?  I clearly remembered mine, probably it’s not the fanciest story of them all, but I sure did have a kick start. I was always curious on how does it feel? Will it be so painful that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms for the next few days??  Or am I gonna put on excessive weight?!

The first time I decided that I wanted to donate blood -It was an emotional roller coaster ride but I was quite determined to go for it because I was mentally prepared. It was a mixed
feeling of determination + overwhelmed + curious + adventurous + fear of needle prick! (I won’t lie on that one) + heart to give back to the community. So here am I, quietly outside the private room, waiting for my turn and- in the meantime friendly faces and welcoming words awaited me as I entered. They shared of their own first time experience into donating and had treated me kindly. I must say, as a first tim-

img_72991.pnger I am blessed enough to get an experienced bunch of doctor & nurses to treat me.
I expected to feel fear when I sat down, awaiting the needle, but I only felt a wave of adrenaline and the satisfaction of doing good for others. It went quite smoothly.

It is the greatest feeling  in the
world, that your blood will save someone’s life out there. That your blood that you donate gives someone another chance at life. Some day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one—or even you. 
And it has been 4 years now since I donated blood, I never turned back.

So if you want to save a life, but hesitate to do so.. Or you have doubts about falling ill or catching a disease, continue reading….

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Let’s Rise To Fight Hunger

Today I’ve decided to share my thoughts on hunger. Have you ever thought about what it’s like to not have food? I am sure that most people do not have to worry about being hungry everyday, but there are people who do (even as you read now). There are currently 925 million people that are starving in the world today.