One of the many issues we face in today’s society is keeping up with life’s fast pace.

Growing up I had to deal with a lot of emotional imbalance within – raise by a single mother and grew up with the absence of a father’s bond. Before I knew it, I was already working and carrying a lot of responsibility in a young age. Even though hands down, I have a loving mother who made everything so beautiful at home despite her struggle however I grew up too quickly.

THERE were days where I would be in a constant state of anxiety just waiting until the next challenge to appear. I was constantly anxious, having little to no sleep, and just not happy. My body and mind were so completely neglected and I felt a lack of inner understanding for what I was doing and where my life was going. I was at a point in my life where things were going downhill in every way – especially emotionally.

I knew something is missing in my life, somewhat disconnected. I knew I need to change this pattern cause sooner or later this will consume me and exhaust my energy. I sat down with my mother and we had a long conversation one night, that night that changed my life.

She told me to let go of expectation and embrace life one at a time. Even though I had heard this advice from my mother many times but this moment here, it shook me up. It felt so real that I broke down in the middle of the conversation. I allowed myself in that broken down moment to just let go and embrace the moment – I learned the importance of stillness, and the importance of being able to tune in and listen deeply and just be present.

Since that day, meditation has been a daily practice. I enjoy the silence, I enjoy my Bible reading and this has been an incredible medicine for me in my life. Now many of you may think I sit with my legs crossed and meditate. No, to me a mindful meditation means:

  • Learning how to become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions without reacting to them. This allows you to really be aware of how you think and feel.

I found out that my beliefs and values were directly creating what I was experiencing in my life. My creativity, ability to create my life as how I want it, increases from day to day. I am able to consciously decide and implement new thoughts and behaviours.

Wishing you all the best with what could be an incredible turning point in your life.

Start out small with a few minutes a day, and build on it from there.


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  1. Hello Cherisha,

    It was hard to grow up for you.I am sorry to hear that. But you are more stronger now than others .

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