Simple Makeup Looks For Everyday

A couple of days back I decided to make a Youtube video on my everyday simple makeup routine after receiving compliment from a picture I posted on my Instagram. It got such a positive reaction from you all! With so many follow up questions, I decided I needed to convert the information I shared into a blog post.

So here you go!

My Everyday Simple Make-up Routine

Step 1: Serum/Moisturizer

By now, most of you know I hardly use foundation base on unless I am going out for a major event or weddings. In most days, I keep it easy on my skin and apply only SERUM. The go-to serum I use is The Drops of Light from The Body Shop.

Step 2: Fix My Brow

Naturally I do have thick brows (always a fan of thick brows) and here I used the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in the shade of 4.5 at your nearest Sephora.

Step 3: Natural shade eyeshadows

On my eyelids I always use natural shades of eyeshadows as shown on my Youtube video above. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

Step 4: Highlight My Brow

To give my eyes the extra fresh look I apply a smooth layer of Fenty Beauty Killawaat Highlighter in Mean Money & Hu$la Baby on the top of my brows

Step 5: Blussh Away

I’ve been using the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes (shade Feisty & Paaarty) for years now and it always give me a fresh look all the time I apply them onto my cheeks. I never leave home without my blusher on, it’s super beautiful that it gives a rosy cheek bones and looks super natural.

Step 6: Lipstick & Lip Liner

The current faves that I am crazy over with is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Powder Matte Toasted Brown Lipstick. You can purchase it in Guardian store in Malaysia. And I top it with a darker lipstick liner to give my lips the define look and I added gloss to bring out the colour a bit more. (optional).

There you go guys! Easy, simple steps to a glamorous look in under 5 minutes!

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Eyelash Extension: Everything You Need To Know

Today I going to share everything I know about lash extension. The pros, the con, and the ugly-side! I’ve gathered all the questions I have gotten over the last few months and am finally sharing what I know about eyelash extensions. There is no secret at all, we are absolutely obsessed with fake lashes and with the recent trend of lash extensions it’s time to toss away your falsies and embrace the newness. Extensions are a more permanent option that has the power to transform your face and be selfie-ready 24/7!

Do they hurt?

Nope, not at all. Infact all you need to do is relax and get the mid-day nap while the eyelash extension expert work on your eyes!

Are they worth the money?

Again this topic is subjective. The price of the lash extension depends on the length you will apply. I usually spend about MYR 189.00 for a 15mm length, worth the money? Absolutely. Anything more than MYR 200.00 for your first set is way too much.

How long does it take to get them done?

Depends on your lash expert and on the style and volume desired. My girl usually get it done within 45 minutes to 1 hour. It’s best to not rush the process for better results.

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?

One of the most fabulous benefits of lash extension is you no longer need your mascara on because with lash extensions, you can achieve a ‘fuller’ look. Not to forget, it will also be very difficult to remove the mascara so let’s not get messy in this. Just apply your mascara on your lower lashes and avoid waterproof mascaras!

My before and after lash extensions

How often do we get it redone?

Lashes generally has a shedding cycle and our extensions will shed with our natural hair growth cycle which is typically every 6 to 8 weeks. So every time you go in for a fill, your lashes will differ for example fuller, longer or shorter. It’s important to speak to your lash expert to get it re-touch properly so all the length are in order.

How do I take the lashes off?
You don’t, the only way to take the eyelash extensions off is to go get them removed in the same place you got them. You don’t want to pull them off or you will ruin your natural lashes.

How do you clean your face/ What’s the best way to clean them?

I wash my face the usual way however I’m quite gentle around my eye area. To remove access makeup on my eye lid, I use the tip of the cotton bud and wipe them gently with facial cleanser, carefully to not damage the lash extensions. To constantly keep the eye clean, after shower I apply bio-oil on my lash line to remove dirt and eyeliner leftovers.

You don’t want to get the eyelash extensions wet for the first 48 hours after having them done. As far as cleaning the actual lashes you can use a mild facial cleanser (remember, oil- free!) and you can brush the lashes out in the shower with a spoolie brush. These brushes are also great to brush them out after a shower. Try to avoid the water hit your lashes directly.

This is what they look like after 3 weeks.

Do they ruin your real lashes?                                                                  

Based on my experience, it does not damage my real lashes. I honestly don’t have any complaints, I have heard of girls who have gotten done over and over and over again for years and have had their real lashes fall off. I don’t know how true this is, but so far my lashes have been good.

How long do they last?

2-3 weeks. Maybe 4, depending on how well you take care of them.

For those of you who are in Malaysia, I see Estela at Top Beaute. Please make sure before you see anyone, you do your homework right. You can never be too careful! Let me know in the comments below if you prefer a natural lash, a fake lash or whether you love lash extensions!

I hope I was able to answer all your questions if not just make sure to reach out and I will be glad to help! Be sure to check out more beauty posts before you go!

Skin Benefits Of Mangoesteen Powder

Have you ever heard of the fruit mangoesteen? No, its not part of the mango family in fact, they are not related to the mango heritage at all.

Mangosteen is one of the most delicious and best flavored tropical fruits, known as the queen of fruits in Asia. It is scientifically known as Garcinia mangostana – A tropical tree believed to have been originated in Indonesia and is widely available in several South East Asian regions like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam and also in some regions of Africa. The mangosteen fruit is covered in a purple, leathery rind which protects the sweet, white fruit inside.

I have been sharing on my skin care recovery journey on my Insta stories due to PCOS acne and Ezcema on how I have been using natural herbs – just name it from tomatoes + honey to mangoesteen powder paste to heal my pimple scarring. Remarkably, all of those method healed especially mangoesteen powder paste.

Why Mangoesteen powder?

Mangosteen has natural antibacterial properties and anti-microbial compounds which is highly effective in treating common skin problems such as acne, skin blemishes, oily and dry skin can be cured by the consumption of mangosteen alone. So imagine the goodness of the fruit when applied onto your skin? The compound that’s present in the fruit’s skin called ‘Xanthone’ helps to defend our skin. It promotes microcirculation which improves the appearance of skin vitality and radiance. These can cure skin diseases, repair the damaged cells in your body and protect them.

How I Cure Acne Scar Using Mangoesteen Powder?

  • Separate the rind from the flesh. Make sure to use fresh mangosteen while they are still soft. 
  • Then, take the mangosteen chunks into the blender. You don’t need to pour water but just blend them as the fruit is already wet. Into a fine powder paste and pile them on a tray.
  • Grate the dried mangosteen.
  • Dry mangosteen for 3 days. 

Processing a mangoesteen into powder can be a tedious process therefore at times I get them from any skincare online store that sells organic mangoesteen powder here in Malaysia. Watch the video above and learn how I get them into a paste. I usually add raw honey to get a paste texture as honey contains antioxidants, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties that helps to rid your skin of blackheads by removing dirt from pores. So both of these natural ingredients goes hand in hand as shown on my Youtube video.

Another method: Mangoesteen paste

  • In a clean bowl add the mangoesteen skin pulp and milk, mix them well until you get a smooth paste. This process will absorb lots of milk so add up the milk till you get desired consistency.
  • Start appyling this mangoesteen pack all over your clean face and neck and leave for 20 mins.

Because Vitamin C is high in this fruit, always do a patch test before using this pack because it may cause irritation to some skin type. 

This fruit can help you feel refreshed and energised all day long. Its nutrients will help you look more refreshed and youthful.

Aging comes about due to oxidation. Mangosteen is filled with antioxidant such as catechin (the anti oxidant found in green tea) that helps in fighting free radicals. Hence, start consuming mangosteen to look younger. 

There you go, get your acne scarring healed by using mangoesteen. That’s how I healed mine and so can you.

4 Tricks For Perfume Longevity

Who doesn’t love perfumes? My boyfriend always tells me, ‘to feel good, you gotta smell good babe‘. And he was right, it is one of the few keys that can unlock and invite you into a memory, with one note transporting you to a specific place, event, person, or period of time.

A scent is the most powerful memory trigger. And I think it’s great how a scent or your signature scent adds to who you are (face-to-face) and that’s probably one of the ways that people recognises you. Just one small trace of a scent can take your mind right back to a specific place, event, person you come across in your life or a froze memory of the past. When I started working in the bank, I met this girl who by now became one of my good friend, she always wore Gucci by Flora on her. The smell was just too sweet and floral based that exactly represented her! This scent will always bring me back to memories which explains to where I am in my life right now and how our friendship blossomed.

The common struggle we all have with perfumes is it doesn’t really last all day long. Have you ever encountered this? Before you leave home, you pump a decent amount of perfume on you to last all day but as the hours goes by, the scent diminishes. That’s unexplainable, I know.

I started reading more articles on how to make perfume lasts all day and I came to understand that have been doing it all wrong all these years! So if you absolute adore your rollerball, you can pretty much apply it on the same exact way you would by following these few tricks that could help you make that gorgeous scent of yours last all day.

Getty Images

The pulse points are the best locations on the body to apply fragrance because these areas naturally emit heat, which helps activate the fragrance and allows it to diffuse into the air. Pulse points are the places on your body where your pulse can be felt most clearly, e.g. the inside of your wrist and your neck.

Why so? Because warmth activates perfume. You need to understand that the pulse points on your body where your heart rate can be felt are the best spots to apply a scent – The warmth of your blood. Such points are located behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee (as shown in the above picture).

Store them the right way


The most important duty is to apply moisturizer on your skin. If you have an oily skin, you’re in luck – the scent lasts much longer on you! However, if you’re a dry skin person (like me) the perfume tends to lose its fragrance traces. Hence, always make it a point to apply body oil or good layers of moisturizer post your regular shower routine.

My recommendations: Use an unscented moisturizer on damp skin wherever you plan to apply your scent.


The usual mistake we all do is we rub the perfume on our wrists. This is a big NO-NO. It is never recommended to rub your perfume against your skin as it tends to break the molecules of fragrance. Ideally, keep your bottle 15-25 cm away from your skin and spray it on the desired pulse point. This will help in distributing the fragrance evenly, keeping it true to its original scent all day long.


Current favourites is Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede & Givenchy

Having spent too much of money on your favourite perfume just to see them lying on the floor or behind your car seat is a BIG NO-NO! Ensure that your perfume is protected against heat, light and humidity -No direct contact with sunlight. This is solely to protect your perfume and make the fragrance lasts!

If you have tried any other way to do so, feel free to let ME know. Do you have any tricks for making perfume last longer? And while you’re at it, share with meyour signature scent!

The Skincare Benefits Of Rose

Roses has become increasingly the most popular ingredient in the skincare industry and here’s a reason to it. The rose extracts is found to be an effective anti-inflammatory and scar reducing agent that helps reduce the appearance of redness and soothes the skin – making it super therapeutic for acne and oily prone skin types. Why? Because rose extracts are are high in vitamin C (collagen) and vitamin E (moisturizer).

In the earlier century, roses are always related with notions of beauty and love, thanks to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians mythology! They used rose petals to perfume their baths and decorated the floors of their banquet halls. Born and raised in an Indian household, I always wondered why we used rose water and rose oil in our daily skincare regime. And by now I guessed it right, we all understand that rose flower is undoubtedly a trademark of beauty’s magic potion and this iconic flower does beauty wonders on the skin.
Melvita’s Damask Rose Floral Water

Rose water is a treat to your skin

  • Diminishes redness for a more even-toned complexion
  • Tackles and reduces inflammation, leaving skin calmer and re-balanced
  • Moisturises and soothes dry, extremely dry (eczema prone) and sensitive skin
  • Hydrates, refreshes and revitalises dry, tired skin
  • Calms and soothes inflamed, redness prone and sensitive complexions
  • As a natural astringent, tones and purifies the skin whilst restoring suppleness

Rose water is known for its ability to refresh and revitalise dry, tired skin. A year ago, I had redness flare on my skin and it never seemed heal until I went to the skin doctor and got diagnosed with ezcema.

I never had such skin irritations before so I started filling in with information about this skin issue and realised that it takes a longer time to heal than I expected. The first action was to do an elimination diet to identify any possible food intolerances that led me to avoid nuts, dairy products, soy products, spices and citrus fruits and the next thing I did, I stopped applying the usual skincare products on my skin. I will tell you why, ezcema took a toll on my skin that the surface of my skin always felt dry and tight. Imagine at one point of time, smiling was a painful thing to do! It made me felt too uncomfortable and sometimes – PAINFUL.

That’s when I decided to go natural on my skin and I tried rose water. I made a DIY distilled rose water at home and it worked fine on me! No irritations whatsoever. Day after day, I started seeing changes on my skin. The red flares I once had subdued & my skin showed almost 60% improvement overall. I was thrilled. Rose water is a natural astringent. It tones the skin and reduces the appearance of pores for a supple purified and flawless complexion. If you are a very busy person to make your own DIY distilled rose water, you can always purchase them from the Walmart stores or walk into a Melvita outlet and get their Damask Rose Floral Water. It’s super hydrating and refreshing. I always carry them in my hand bag to give a few pump whenever I need to revitalize my skin.

I use The Body Shop’s British Rose fresh plumping mask for hydration

The aroma of pure roses is so luxurious, it’s difficult not to enjoy! And so the best rose-containing skincare products help boost not only your skin’s health, but your mental health as well. Adding rose-infused products to your skincare routine before bed can help you sleep anxiety-free. Let’s not take roses for granted.

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