Natura has arrived in Sunway Pyramid

Drum rolls… Natura, the global cosmetics company founded in Brazil has arrived in Malaysia! Isn’t it amazing? Last week Wednesday, October 9th was the official launch of its business in Malaysia through the opening of a pop-up store in Sunway Pyramid.

Natura’s decision to enter the Asian beauty market was driven by the company’s core commitment to delivering a positive impact across the globe and the desire for sustainable, high-quality products that consumers across the region are demanding. They have an amazing strategy to reach out to wider range of customers through their established omnichannel strategy which comprises E-commerce, social selling, and physical stores. Around 300 items from the Natura portfolio will be offered under the brand Ekos, Chronos, Lumina, Mamae e Bebê and Natura Homem – as well as fragrances from the Brazilian Perfumery House. Did I also mentioned, all products are 100 % V E G A N.

About Natura

Founded in 1969, Natura is a global presence care cosmetics group headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A leader in direct selling with more than 1.7 million consultants – a result of the combination of Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop brands. Today, Natura & Co is among the largest pure-play beauty group in the world and a major force for good in the industry. It is ranked as 15 th amongst the most sustainable companies in the world. It was the first publicly-traded company globally to receive a B-corp certification in December 2014, which reinforces its transparent and sustainable social, environmental and economic performance.

It is also the first Brazilian company to obtain the ‘THE LEAPING BUNNY’ seal, granted by the animal protection organization Cruelty-Free International back in 2018. This demonstrated the company’s commitment not to perform animal testing of its products or ingredients. With operations across Latin America, the United States, France and now Malaysia, Natura’s products can be purchased from Natura Beauty Consultants, through Natura’s e-commerce platform or in-stores.

Visit the Sunway Pyramid pop-up store which is larger than usual in a prime location in the Sunway Pyramid mall (old wing), they certainly have a unique store for all consumers. This includes a skincare interactive wall, free skin, and hair analysis, a fragrance personality analyser, and a pampering hand massage whilst enjoying a VR adventure through the Amazon forest.

Alternatively, visit their online store at Natura Malaysia.

Thank you for having me Natura!
I’m enjoying a pamper hand massage whilst enjoying a VR adventure through the Amazon forest.
EKOS hand cream, blended with nourishing Castanha oil and Murumuru butter to treat and soften hands
Andiroba Triple Phase Shower Oil
Visit their pop-up store at Sunway Pyramid Mall

The Body Shop Scents of Life Event

On Tuesday – May 07, 2019

The Body Shop Malaysia had hosted a perfume party of their newest launched perfume called the Scents of Life in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, at Bukit Bintang in conjunction with the Holy Month of Ramadan.

It was indeed a spectacular event and I must give my appreciation and praise to The Body Shop Malaysia team for always coming up with jaw-dropping interior designs when it comes to event launches, making it a perfect place to snap Insta worthy pictures!

The Amber Wonder Scents of Life – Be playful, experiment and design a scent that’s uniquely you.
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The key highlight of the event is to understand more about how perfumery has come about and evolved today. I have learned about the art of mixing perfumes into a signature scent that personates our individuality. The best part of all I got to meet the man behind the Scents of Life fragrances Roger Schmid on how this outburst of mix and match was born.

When we smell a particular fragrance, such as, say, clean laundry or a fresh peach, we instantly and unconsciously connect that smell to a portion of our memory. The smell can evoke feelings and bring back memories that we forgot we had. 

There are 3 essentials of the Scent of Life that consists of 5 different scents in the form of Perfume Oil, Eau De Toilette and Body Mist. There were 15 types of scents in one range! How cool is that!! This new fragrance launch is unique because it allowed media/bloggers/influencers to mix and match the scents to create their own preferred scent.

Moreover, a special guest, Roger Schmid who is the Group Advisor on Innovation shared his experience about the fragrance industry and how Scents of Life was created. He shared the techniques of layering fragrances to have a unique blend that reflects your creativity. It was such a great insight into learning.

My engraved fragrance mist.

I choose ‘My Pick’ body mist because it is more delicate, floral spritz infused with soothing notes of clementine, amber, peony and pear blossom. This body mist is one of their Scents of Life collection, which allowed me to express myself by creating my own unique scent. I mixed and matched them! Felt really good when I created a unique outburst of fragrance, some hidden talent I guess, HA-HA!!

So go grab your perfume today! Feel empowered and enjoy the fun and freedom of mixing and layering this Spritz with The Body Shop’s sophisticated fragrances and potent essences.

I was lucky to test their newest eyeshadow and mascara launch!
Above picture: I created my own perfumed and pinned it up!

The Ysl Beauty Hotel Event in Kuala Lumpur

The Rouge Pur Couture Slim Lipstick Launch

The hottest event arrived in town yesterday! The highly raved about event – YSL Beauty Hotel received a commercial success that opened in the heart of Kuala Lumpur for one day only and the event was hosted in the heritage building right in the middle of the busy city of Kuala Lumpur near Jalan Hang Kasturi. 

The bright neon colors, fancy perfume lounge, glitz and glam of the runway vibes with a special preview of Rouge Pur Couture The Slim (lipstick) that flourished all three floors in the building. Each floor offered various interactive experiences for everyone that attended the event.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the hotel is, I checked in with YSL’s designated QR Code on the ground floor to receive the YSL Beauty Hotel Card. This card allows everyone to gain access and enjoy all the activities available on the ground floor – capturing the glam vibes and Instagram worthy shots, the upper section is prepared for arcade games and makeup counters and lastly, the basement captures our runway moment, I felt like a supermodel though.

Watch the latest launch of the Rouge Pur Couture The Slim

What’s the hype about YSL Beauty Hotel?

YSL launched their first super-slim square couture lipstick that offers long-wear matte colour that’s basically party-proof. The new lippie was placed in the basement where the presidential suite – Room 1978, was at. 

For fragrance enthusiast like me, I explored the first floor first of the YSL Beauty Hotel to get a whiff of YSL Beauty’s celebrated fragrances, Mon Paris and Y. Also, there was the All Hour Beauty Bar – All make-up enthusiast indulged themselves to have a feel of the latest product launch by the dedicated makeup artist of YSL. Well, everyone was a supermodel yesterday!

When I was done investing time in all the beauty picks, I also got to enjoy the music & no hotel is complete without its own club – I must compliment the brilliant performances by rock-band Bittersweet and household name DJ Blink and CLEO’s very own cover girl, DJ Ashley!

YSL Beauté is a much-loved beauty label and has always been on our coveted beauty wish-list – And they proved it over and again. What a well planned event last night! Good luck YSL Beauty team! The lipstick is gonna rock the beauty world~


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The Body Yogurt Launch Event in Kuala Lumpur

Last month on April 25, The Body Shop introduced their new product launch called the Body Yogurt and it was such a lovely event to be present in. Truthfully, I felt as if I walked straight into a fruit paradise. The Body Shop revolutionised body moisturising by introducing the body butter products but how often do you hear about a body yogurt? They just stepped up their game level! And I was thrilled for this launch.

This is my second blogger event with The Body Shop and as always I am warmly greeted by their amazing bunch of dedicated staff and event organisers. Huge shout-out to Cherish for inviting me over!

The Body Shop as we all know by now is a brand that supports 100% vegan range of body care products and today’s launch is about the new release body yogurt. As I was briefed, this body yogurt is a lightweight body lotion that provides up to 48 hours hydration to our skin and it absorbs within 15 seconds! Yeah, you heard that right. Within 15 seconds alright.

It comes in 5 ‘flavor’ – Almond Milk, British Rose, Strawberry, Moringa and special edition Banana. Let’s talk about the texture of this product, it looks like a yogurt for sure but in a non-greasy, non-sticky, no-tackiness and light weight base formula. Get yours here.



Each yogurt is made with community trade organic (I will explain them as you read) therefore taking Almond Milk as an example, it is suitable for sensitive skin and this is no false claim. I have been using it for a month now for my super sensitive skin, it gives my skin a healthy glow with no irritation.

There was a ‘pamper‘ session to indulge in the pleasure of hand massage by trained therapist using their very own body yogurt and oh my! It does quickly absorbs onto our skin leaving us smell like a fruity flower. During the massage, I was briefed that the Body Yogurt are best used on damp skin and more appropriately right after we shower because the hyaluronic acid and glycerin will help attract and seal in the moisture to our skin. Now, that makes sense.

The Body Shop Newsletter:

Body Yogurts are all made with Community Trade organic almond milk sourced from Mañán in Alicante, Spain. The Body Shop have worked with Mañán since 2016. They provide stability for the cooperative of local, small-scale farmers who extract our almond milk, using low-intensity farming methods. They use broken nuts that aren’t sold for food and turn unwanted almond husks into compost to help minimise waste.

The Moringa, British Rose and Banana Body Yogurts are also enriched with their own Community Trade ingredients – which are exciting new additions to The Body Shop’s unique Community Trade programme.

The Body Shop Community Trade Moringa extract comes from Rwanda, Community Trade English Rose essence from Herefordshire, and Community Trade organic Banana puree is from Ecuador.

My personal fav! The Almond Milk Body Yogurt – Smeellsss too good!

There were too many fun game booth placed for each of us and it was a fun-filled evening, chatting away with The Body Shop staff and I was blown away with their product knowledge so next time you pop into their outlet make sure to take full advantage and ask away for advice! They are trained.

Once again, I truly enjoyed the event and thank you The Body Shop Malaysia for the wonderful gifts and goodies bags.LRM_EXPORT_20180425_233556


LRM_EXPORT_20180425_203233 (1).jpg

The key important message of the event is to emphasise on banning animal cruelty. The Body Shop has always believed in beauty without cruelty and has been campaigning for many years now to make a change. Together with Cruelty Free International, they are the first global cosmetics company to campaign against animal testing.

You can do your part in signing in their petition. Let’s take a stand to finally ban cosmetic testing on animals everywhere today!

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