Why I Chose Spotify???

Music. It explains a whirlwind of emotion inside of us without us trying to express ourselves. It makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us sad or makes us dance away in joy. Music is an essential part of our lives.

I know it sounds rather silly but I am a Youtube kinda girl where I listen to podcast, or favourite Indie songs and even meditation calming musics. I hear them all on Youtube. Now, I know you must be thinking why? So here’s the thing, I am kinda the old digital fashioned girl that finds it convenient to surf through Youtube and get it all done within minutes. Yeah, I know. The screen is turned on throughout my entire time on Youtube. And on top, the advertising on the videos is getting too much. Imagine you are meditating and the moment you feel relaxed and ready to let your mind wander – boom – there is an interrupting advertising video playing. Again. That’s a big downfall.

I have never downloaded an MP3 player on my phone. I downloaded SoundCloud a couple of years ago to only find myself frustrated over certain songs that wasn’t in my choice of taste (and I most of the songs I liked was a cover remake and it sounded rather different). So I toast it over and never downloaded any until I found Spotify.

How I came to find Spotify???

There came a season in my office where everyone was busy hearing to Spotify except for me. Thanks to the HR, they revoked the Youtube access from our system leaving me with no choice than to try out Spotify cause my working environment was rather busy and stressful AND I needed something to hold my sanity and I choseSpotify.

I must admit, Spotify came in to my surprise. It wasn’t like any other music apps,Spotify is all about playlist. Whether you’re looking for your next favourite artist or for something a little outside your musical comfort zone, discovery awaits via scrolling and clicking. From personalized playlists to just-for-you radio, Spotify has your back.

When I think of listening to music, Spotify would be the first option raised in my mind. There are so many reasons to love Spotify.

Benefits of Spotify

It makes the the listening experience become better and the access to music songs much easier. You can create your own lists as well as access a variety of pre-made ones. Some of it are either created by Spotify themselves or other users and they made it publicly available. It’s super convenient. In the desktop app version however you can use the browse function to dive into the playlist jungle.

Also, Spotify offers free subscription.

Unwind yourself with Spotify

What are the advantages of Spotify Premium?

  • Upgrading to Spotify Premium is where Spotify really shines. Premium is the only paid tier that Spotify offers.
  • Spotify dropped the old Unlimited plan years ago and now with Premium, you don’t see any ads (audio or visual) at all.
  • You can listen to any song anytime on your phone the same way that you listen on your desktop. Since you’re not limited to shuffling anymore, you can skip tracks, access Radio, and see everything the app has to offer.

I know you guys love listening to music too! So here’s the great news. I negotiated a deal with Spotify Asia team and if you are one of my followers from the blog, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube, you will receive a free one month Spotify Premium plan. Just click here and that is all you need.

When I think of listening to music, Spotify would be the first option raised in mind.

Share with me your favourite playlist below.

Spotify On

Skin Selection Caffeine Fix by Can Can’s Beauty


Sounds new? Yes, Can Can’s Beauty has launched yet another range of lipstick shades into their empire. The newest Skin Selection collection is a revolutionary take on makeup! They launched 2 shades called Caffeine Fix and On The Go and I was given the glory to make a review on Caffeine Fix – Thank you Can Can’s Beauty PR team!

In my previous post, the Can Can’s Beauty team had posted me their velvety matte selection range so I was anticipating for this new skin selection release because Can Can’s Beauty is famous to create products that suits Asian weather and skin tones. The lipsticks are designed to cater for middle to deeper skin tone and it does suit for Indian skin tone. The back-story of their cosmetic company is through discrimination of skin tone that fuel Cancan’s owner to start their business,  for middle to deeper skin toned women.

This product arrived in my mailbox couple of weeks ago and I was given Caffeine Fix. This is a gorgeous mid-tone orange brown colour that gives a chocolate finish on the lips. And it smells sweet strawberry candy floss!

This time their new packaging looks more unique. They changed from semi-D black boxes to hexagon looking boxes with a soft orange touch. I liked how this new packaging looks, its more funky and goes with their theme of Caramel-Skinned Babes. The logo remained the same.

The lipstick consistency is highly pigmented as I build up the colour by applying two or more layers on my lips. This mid-tone orange brown colour does suit my complexion and it’s a perfect use for any time of the day – Be it for a casual coffee dates or a girls night out this colour brings out our natural beauty. If you are into earth warm tones colour than this lipstick shade is the perfect match for you!

All their purchases can be made online through their official website: https://cancansbeauty.com/ and they do have many more colour shades besides the skin selection. So take your time and browse through their website, you never know you might just find your perfect colour match!


The skin selection lipstick shade is sold for MYR 59.00 nett price & it’s quite reasonable. Most importantly, all of CanCan’s Beauty product are Vegan friendly so what are you waiting for girls? Go grab em’ today! Click to the video below to see a short tutorial on this lipstick.

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VesperLex Starrdust Highlighter Palette Review

A great highlighter can perk up your complexion, accentuate the features you love, and even camouflage aging skin. Who agrees with me? Thanks to this newly launched product from Vesperlex, I am liking my new found beauty routine!

Highlighting has become my new found favourite beauty routine. A little sprinkle of glow can be great on everyone and the Vesper Lex palette does the justice. It can be worn with bare-faced or with full face of makeup, and we ain’t making mistake in this one! A good highlighter is versatile, easy, and flattering, as all beauty products should be.

Vesper Lex is a local Malaysian brand that is established in August 2017. They were passionate about makeup and started off by creating various colourful shades of eye shadows palette and firmly created more beauty products like eye lashes and eye lashes applicator to cater our beauty needs. All made from the most natural ingredients, 100% cruelty free and halal certified. 

So let’s start with the packaging, it looks sleek and has a rainbow prism shiny effect… The casing comes with a beautiful soft blue tone with a simple gold logo – That’s absolutely stunning to look at and inside the palette there are 6 shade range of colors.

Vesper Lex Starrdust Highlighter Palette

The first row above is Foux (pearly white), Gold Spell (lusty gold), Juniper (frosted pink) while the below are Morenx (golden sunny), Hexen (pure beige champagne) and Devine (pale rose gold). All these shades are  are incredibly flattering on lighter – middle – deeper skin tones. In nat­ural and indoor light, how­ever, they have a beau­ti­ful fin­ish on my dry skin, they last about 5–6 hours.


The shades are powder type and it’s soft and buttery — it never looks the slightest bit chalky or dry on the skin. The pigmentation is insane, too, it almost veers into eyeshadow territory, in the best possible way. 

I’m in love with Gold Spell. It’s a beau­ti­ful, soft gold colour but it reflects a cooler yellow tone in the light for a multi-dimensional shine. It can require a few swirls of your brush to get a good amount of prod­uct, but the high­lighter itself is very nicely pig­mented. It’s quite build­able and you can work your way up from a soft glow to a vivid shine.

I’m wearing Gold Spell on my cheekbones

Tips: My favorite way to apply these is with a fan brush or powder sweep brush, two tools that can apply sheer layers or heavy hits of pigment, depending on how much you pick up and layer on.

“Apply the highlighter under the eyes, above the brows and on the browbone to add life and brightness, which ultimately helps you to look healthier and younger,” says celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez.

Champagne and gold illuminators are great shades, but we can do more with this palette! Give me a lavender purple! Give me a rose gold! This palette gives you all shade colours under one roof! Take the beauty risks and take your glow to the next level.

The Starrdust highlighter is sold in retail price MYR 160.00 . You’ll have to act fast if you want this one – it has a tendency to sell fast. What are you waiting for? Visit their Instagram and make your purchase now! PicsArt_02-04-11.00.16

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Cancan’s Handmade|Velvety Matte Lip Creme Review

The year had started good on me, I’ve collaborated with Cancan’s Handmade and here’s a review on their velvety matte lip creme collection.

With the rising competition in the beauty industry worldwide, I feel proud that Cancan’s is Malaysia’s very own homegrown local beauty brand that’s flourishing the market rapidly. What makes them stand out is their innovative creation of products that suits our weather and asian skin tones. Yes, you heard that right, the lipsticks are designed to cater for middle to deeper skin tone.

Humble Beginning:

The story how the brand started off is through frustration and discrimination of skin tone that fuelled Cancan’s owner to start their business, creating Cancan’s Handmade cosmetics exclusively for middle to deeper skin toned women – That too cruelty free!

They sent me their PR package and I received the velvety matte lip creme shade in ‘Flirt’ and ‘Cherry Bomb’. I must admit the packaging is quite impressive with simple gold logo and black boxed. Hands down, I am a matte lippy kinda person so when I received the packaging I was thrilled to try them on.

From left: Cherry Bomb & Flirt

The formula is definitely light weight and highly pigmented. With just one dap, I was able to get the whole lips filled. No kidding!

An easy thin round applicator than suits for all lip shade.

As for me I normally apply lip balm on my lips before going in with my lipstick. So I decided to try their product with bare lips & to my surprise, there was no trails of dry feeling or cracks even though this product has a matte finish. The longevity of the lipstick lasts quite longer so long as you avoid oily meals. Otherwise, for a party wear or a date night out – the colour would last for a good 5 hours.

Colors: Flirt is more of a rosy pinkish berry colour and Cherry Bomb is a soft cherry colour. Both the shades do compliment my caramel skin tone however my personal choice would be Flirt as I am more towards pinkish tone. Its almost a similar tone to MAC’s ‘All Fired Up‘. Click here for my quick video on this colour. 

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Caramel babes, here we go! In this video I'm using the Velvety Matte Lip Crème by @cancansbeauty … Which ones do you think suits me? Flirt or Cherry Bomb, I absolutely love their colours it is super pigmented and comfortable on my lips. ♤ Check their profile out @cancansbeauty ♡ Wanna know what I went for? 📽 Watch the full video 💎 By the way I'm using @dreamlash.store eyelashes 🙄 with Flirt shade on my lips 💋 . . . #cancansbeauty #sponsored #review #mattelipstick #flirt #cherrybomb #thankyou #grwm #dreamlash #caramelbabes #smileformiles #envygreen #eyeshadowgame #greeneyeshadows #makeuplove #bblogger #velvety #lipsticklover #indianbeauty

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Their products are vegan-friendly, cruelty free with no parabens, no SLS, no silica and no mineral oils.

Can Can’s Handmade is currently sold for MYR 59. I think it’s pretty much worth every penny of yours considering this liquid matte lipstick has too much benefits!

Highly recommended for all you girls out there! Go grab them now.

If you haven’t heard on Cancan’s Handmade, they are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Do visit their website to make your purchase here.  Definitely, one to check out

Website: https://cancansbeauty.com/


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